By Zak - United States
Today, I've been sick with both a chest cold and a sore throat. As a result, I've also been dehydrated, causing me to have a headache. Whenever I cough, I feel like my throat is being ripped apart and my head is about to explode. FML
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  Ruthiepooh42  |  6

I know, right?? I could understand a couple of people slipping and selecting YDI by accident, I've done that before because my phone's screen shifts when it's loading the site, but this many people selecting YDI just a bunch of cold, awful people!

  marzipanimal  |  15

I hate to say this but this FML isn't even funny. There are people who have way worse diseases (umm cancer?!) being sick isn't funny, people get sick everyday. I hate when I see FMLs like this.