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why do you need to lock the door unless you have something to hide? only terrorists have something to hide on planes. you must be a terrorist! you hate america! global warming is a scam made up by al gore! obama is a socialist! he wants to take our guns!

  FJT  |  0

you're an idiot! Global warming is not made up, it is real and it was caused by idiots like you who don't give a damn what they do to the environment

  LoonyLuna123  |  0

Day-to-day forecasts don't matter much. It's the yearly average temperature that determines if the climate is changing (which it is).
Besides, didn't you know that Global Warming could cause another Ice Age? Melting polar ice caps would shut down deep-ocean currents by adding a ton (literally) of fresh water to the ocean. Warm water wouldn't be brought to colder areas, et cetera et cetera...

  Loosechange  |  0

@1 I know seriously if you are on an airplane you lock the bathroom door. This is a total YDI for not using a lock and even if it did not have one which it has to have, you could have held the door closed.

By  Roseicat  |  16

i voted for this when i was moderateing :)

  Roseicat  |  16

HAHA!! yer it totaly is FML :) (i work at KFC get it right XD)

By  Bsane  |  0

it's not like you are home. Why would you feel so comforable to use the bathroom with the door not lock, I will never understand. You totally had this coming.

  Roseicat  |  16

best come back ever! (Y)