By no_hullabalo - 04/09/2009 14:50 - Taiwan

Today, I went para sailing for the first time ever. My friends thought it would be funny to pull down my trunks right before my feet left the boat. I dangled there in the air for the whole resort to see. And I lost my shorts in the ocean. FML
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It's funny when it doesn't happen to you.

djb23 0

haha i can picture all the taiwanese girls "OOO HEEHEEHEEE IS SO SMAU!!"


dengman 0

Having parasailed myself, I wanna know how they pulled his shorts down, unless he put the harness under his shorts...other than that it's hard cos they harness you to the shute

THANKKK YOUUU. I went parasailing too. and I was thinking that exact same thing. But the story was still funny to think about haha.

Agreed. You are completely strapped when you are para sailing (I have done it before myself). If not, you are not properly strapped.

It's funny when it doesn't happen to you.

great freinds u have,

I thought in your earlier comment, you were a fat, unhappy, unmarried man from Dallas who had no friends. Now, you are a Taiwanese parasailer with funny friends. That's a quick turnaround. If you are a normal man, no one would see anything when you are way up in the air. If your junk is visible from way up there, you're going to become the most popular guy at the resort.

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Just enjoy the sensation that that would bring. I mean come on wind just flowing through you that fast, it would be incredible, and it's not like every single person in the resort is just sitting there like ohhhh look at that guy with his pants down, hes huuuuuge!!! in that case, be excited, some carribean pwn baby!!!

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Actually, its not that windy up there. I know, I was surprised too. But I'm sure it brought a feeling of freedom that was quite enjoyable ;)

You have to wear a harness when you parasail. There's no way they could pull your shorts down. Fake.