By paymeinhugs - United States
Today, I was swimming in the ocean with my best friend and a giant wave came and knocked off the bottom of my bikini. My friend told me that she would go get another bottom so I could walk onto the very crowded beach. She left me for half an hour, laughing from the shore with her entire family. FML
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  Mpii  |  11

No. This is absolutely not what "we" do. i would never ever do that to anyone. If you do that that's fine do what you want. But please don't say "we" as if everyones friend did it.

By  thinkpink  |  0

My sister always did that kind of shit to me...ha she wouldn't be an older sister if she didn't. My friends also played monkey in the middle once when my TOP fell off in a public swimming pool. A crowded one. Haha they were still my friends, and it's a funny thing. Just cover yourself, get out, be pissed for a little bit and get over it.