By paymeinhugs - 17/03/2009 01:04 - United States

Today, I was swimming in the ocean with my best friend and a giant wave came and knocked off the bottom of my bikini. My friend told me that she would go get another bottom so I could walk onto the very crowded beach. She left me for half an hour, laughing from the shore with her entire family. FML
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awwww shes a douchebag. she's NOT a friend

She's a friend, it's what we do... Sucks, but you'll have to get her back =)


awwww shes a douchebag. she's NOT a friend

Some friend she is. Remember to put some nails into her car tires later.

No, she's not a friend, she's a best friend. That's how best friends are, and that's why we love them.

Now that. Is what we call a BEST friend.

She's a friend, it's what we do... Sucks, but you'll have to get her back =)

No. This is absolutely not what "we" do. i would never ever do that to anyone. If you do that that's fine do what you want. But please don't say "we" as if everyones friend did it.

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what, she magically has an extra swimsuit in her bag? so not a good friend. she could have brought you a towel or shorts or something.

next time you go to the beach purposely do that to her to show her how it feels cause that is seriously not what friends should do

Only problem: how would she make her bikini fall off?

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Obviously she would hire a random stranger to do it...

i would do that, friends need to have a sense of humor :)

That was not funny at all. That was just really scummy.

Horrible friend, ditch her and never talk to her again. There is a limit on when you can do that kind of thing.

I wouldn't call her your best friend... best friends don't do that.

friends don't do that - it's exactly what best friends do :D

well, what a horrible friend. you shouldnt talk to her again, i sure wouldnt

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My sister always did that kind of shit to me...ha she wouldn't be an older sister if she didn't. My friends also played monkey in the middle once when my TOP fell off in a public swimming pool. A crowded one. Haha they were still my friends, and it's a funny thing. Just cover yourself, get out, be pissed for a little bit and get over it.

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It's not funny, it's sexual harassment.

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You need new friends. That is awful. What's worse is no one in her family was willing to help you either.