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Today, I finally finished a drawing that someone had asked and said they would pay me for. I worked on it for multiple hours and was very proud of it. When it came to discussing payment, I asked what his best offer was. A pack of cigarettes. FML
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Please tell me you told him no, and went searching for a new buyer. Or at least keep it, you are proud of it after all!

yikes. now you have a new painting at least.


yikes. now you have a new painting at least.

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That's how I would try and look at it, if it is quality work, someone will buy it. In the meantime though you have wasted time and energy. I can say though, as a full time artist, it is VERY frustrating when people do not take your time and work seriously. A lot of people have this notion that artists just have so much fun doing what they do, that they will/should do it for free and that they shouldn't be asking so much for their work. This gets especially frustrating when people try to suck up to you for a while so that they can try the whole "we're friends right? Cut me a break" routine. Sure, I very much enjoy what I do, but I also expect people to pay me for my time like any other profession. It sounds like the OP is new to the whole commission thing, in the future it would be good to implement a clear policy, when you clearly outline the price ahead of time and take a non-refundable down payment before work begins.

Remember that next time you ask a nerd to fix your PC

#23, this is just my humble opinion, i agree with what you have to say that some people do take advantage of others talents because they don't realize how much time and effort it makes. but i also think if you have a talent, especially one like art, you shouldn't hold it back from the world. i believe you should use your talent to make the world a better place. murals on buildings instead of graffiti, an art auction where then the money goes to charity, and so many other things can benefit the world and a community, and make our planet a much more beautiful place

44, i like the idea about making the world a better place but really it boils down to the artist's personal choice. Its their work, their time. So what if they don't like to charity or "contribute" to the world. Artists should not be obliged to do something just because they are an artist.

44, and to add on to what 55 said, sometimes artwork is that persons only form of income. It doesn't apply to every artist, and I certainly don't know OP's position, but if they're drawing for a living it becomes a job. It can still be a passion but I know artists can wear down from it. I know a couple artists who draw for a living and that's all they make, no job outside of it, so they can't give out freebies or just do requests. It's all commissioned artwork.

#44 I understand what you're trying to say but you wouldn't expect anyone with any other set of skills or talents to work for free so why would you expect it from artists? Artists spend a lot of time and money (art school isn't cheap) perfecting their skill and they deserve to be paid for it. If an artist wants to do the things you've described then that's fine but for a lot of them their work is their primary source of income. They still need to eat like everyone else.

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44, I have raised several thousand dollars in donations to causes that I deem worthy with artwork donations. That doesn't mean that I don't expect people to pay me for the work that isn't donated. If you thinks that is how the world works I want some of what you are smoking. I don't have time to sit around and "make the world a better place" 24/7, remember artwork is ALSO paying my bills. As in, it's also a job. What do you do for a living? Are you comfortable with working 40 hours a week and then simply having all of your paycheck deposited directly into the account of some charity? I mean since that is what you believe in and all. I love the ideas of "can't we all just get along and be hippies and make the world a better place with our talent". But at the end of the day, that alone isn't gonna pay my mortgage or feed my daughter now is it?

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35, I am enough of a "nerd" that I just fix my own PC. Or just have my husband do it since he is even more of a "nerd". And don't worry, he'll be compensated for his time. ಠ‿ಠ

guys chill. im not saying donate all your time to charity. i realize that people need to eat too. im simply stating that i think art can be used to make the world a better place. thats all. im sorry if i offended you with my opinion, but jumping down my throat is not necessary, nor is asking "what are you smoking" n "what do YOU do for a living?"

OP, YDI... You asked "what is your best offer.." Stop trying to milk the customer and just ask a fair price.

I hope that you learned something about business: (1) Get an agreed price before starting the job (2) You bill the customer according to the agreement, not ask what they will pay you. Having said that, without an agreed price you are under no obligation to turn over the artwork without your customer paying for it. You could frame it for your own use, sell it to sometime else, enter it in a competition, or even burn it if you choose.

59, I hope if this is OP's full-time occupation, they would have had enough experience to negotiate a price before starting any work.

87, stfu you over-opinionated ********

Please tell me you told him no, and went searching for a new buyer. Or at least keep it, you are proud of it after all!

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As a musician I can corroborate that artists are massively disrespected and sometimes ripped off when it comes to making money.

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You could always just keep it and try to sell it down the road. Sucks anyway though.

Mhm. A lot of my old friends knew I was socially anxious and a pushover, so they would always try to get me to draw something for free and I always did because they'd make sad faces. I don't know if it's around the same situation for OP, but don't accept crap for payment.. You worked hard on this and deserve what you asked for in the first place.

Yeah, I accepted crap for payment and it turned me into an actual pile of crap. That's what happens.. :c Don't turn out like Poopsi, OP.. ;__;

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Keep it as a reminder to make an agreement on what your payment will be in advance from now on.

I agree. My friend never use to ask for payment up front and had multiple times where she was never paid. Now, she asks for half at the start and the other half a the end. Anyways, you could always just keep it :)

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97- you happen to be correct

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YDI for not negotiating terms first

It's not OPs fault. When she heard payment she assumed money like anyone would. With something like art, price can really only be decided upon the finished product.

It kind of is OP's fault. I sell my artwork as well, and although discussing payment can be awkward - especially if it's a friend - it should be done before you start the piece. Because then things exactly like this happen, and OP has spent an invaluable amount of time working on this. I've been working on a massive piece for a friend for well over a year now, but I don't feel rushed because she's not paying for it, so she won't receive the original either, she'll get a print. And I don't mind because that means I can keep the original and frame it and have it in my house. Which is what OP should do.

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16- I disagree. People want to know what you're going to charge them BEFORE they commit to it, which is an entirely reasonable expectation. You should know your trade well enough to work up a price on something before it is made. In my case, when someone commissions something new and unfamiliar to me, I simply give them my best idea of price. If the piece is harder than I anticipated, that is on me. I will stick to the original quote and simply eat the difference, and next time, I'll know better and charge accordingly. The only time I price an item after it's made is when I did it in my free time.

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As an artist you should always discuss and agree on payment up front. If they're not willing to compensate you for your time and resources move on to the next customer.

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I don't think that OP deserved it. OP is probably new to selling their work and most new artists tend to sell their work for less than it's worth because they haven't figured out a good value to sell it. I can relate, when I first started out I constantly made little mistakes and most of my early work went for cheaper than I should have allowed. OP will get the hang of it and be better prepared for the future now.

That sucks. Hope you can find someone else to buy your work or keep it for yourself.

The price of cigarettes is on the rise. Could be a solid investment.

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