By Anonymous - / Friday 24 April 2009 04:38 / United States
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  mlipro  |  0

Lol, I was in a parking lot with my friends and there was a really shitty car with it's engine sticking out through the hood. My friend walks up, says 'Look at this piece of shit.' and sticks his gum right on the motor. Two seconds later, this huge guy jumps out of the passenger's seat. My friend jumped like 3 feet in the air because he didn't notice the guy in the car. Then the guy in the car started chasing us. It was fucking hilarious because the guy was so fat and we were all on our school's track team.

By  Darth_Taco  |  14

Considering that it was the driver that got out, you probably could've seen through the front. Should've checked there before doing that. At least you know better now...I hope. :P

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