By Anonymous - 24/04/2009 04:38 - United States

Today, I went to the mall with a couple of friends. While walking through the parking lot, we saw a very dirty car. You couldn't even see the inside of the car through the windows. I thought it would be funny to trace on the window, "Wash Me." After doing so, the driver got out of the car. FML
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YDI, don't touch other people's cars.

KeithHarris 0

You could always tell him the car told you to do it.


bleedforMayheM 0

no its a pathetic over used joke

Maybe next time you should check for passengers first? ;)

Lol, I was in a parking lot with my friends and there was a really shitty car with it's engine sticking out through the hood. My friend walks up, says 'Look at this piece of shit.' and sticks his gum right on the motor. Two seconds later, this huge guy jumps out of the passenger's seat. My friend jumped like 3 feet in the air because he didn't notice the guy in the car. Then the guy in the car started chasing us. It was ******* hilarious because the guy was so fat and we were all on our school's track team.

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74 - Cool story bro, tell it to someone who cares ;D

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Ooooooor not take the liberty of touching other people's cars.

Darth_Taco 14

Considering that it was the driver that got out, you probably could've seen through the front. Should've checked there before doing that. At least you know better now...I hope. :P

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You could always tell him the car told you to do it.

Whoops! I guess you could offer to wash his car for him. That would be fitting. If I were the driver, I just laugh it off.

It's tempting to do that to a dirty car.

there's always the classic 'i wish my wife was this dirty'

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LOL yah, you should have looked through the front. And if the car was so dirty why would you trace your hand through the dirt on it? That's actually kinda gross. LOL #6

YDI, don't touch other people's cars.

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Lesson learned..don't touch other people's car