By lanaoftherey - 02/06/2015 21:30 - United States

Today, I went to get my car washed at one of those places where you can watch through the glass. I watched in horror, face pressed against the glass, as my car went through with the window down. FML
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I accidentally voted "I agree, your life sucks" out of habit but mayn you deserved this one


No, more like ruined. Who knows what OP left inside as well!

praesidiem 16

#20, OP probably left a party inside, which you would be a lot of fun at.

myoukei 31

You didn't think to check before hand? YDI

Car washes like that usually have valets, or people who drive your car up to the car wash. I was thinking maybe the valet rolled the window down. However, if OP left it down, totally a YDI.

Why would a valet that works at a car wash open a window? That doesn't make any sense. It's their job to check everything is closed. Also, they do have a lot of those big signs all around telling you to close all your windows. So my guess is that OP is one of those people who ignore signs all the time and then yell at employees because "nobody told me". Entirely YDI until proven otherwise by a follow up.

praesidiem 16

#32, I wish I had your deduction skills! You completely knew what type of person OP is and how they'd act, off of conjecture. Truly impressive, you should be a detective.

Cayers97 12

#32 Some people just want to watch the world burn

maybe the worker was ignorant and forgot to roll it down.

That'll learn you for not doing it yourself.

What don't you understand about that? It's the same as "That will teach you."

It's grammatically incorrect and not the same...

The merits of his comment aside, "that'll learn ya" is a well known folksy expression in English regardless of whether or not it conforms to standard English grammar. Commenting on the ungrammaticality of a colloquial expression is just plain stupid.

I should have know people would lose their mind over this comment. Apologies.

No it swallows, lots and lots of water.

#5: That word. It does not mean what you think it means. You literally have no idea what literally means. You figuratively suck at figuring out figures of speech.

Literally: in a literal manner or sense; exactly. Figuratively: by or as a figure of speech; metaphorically So that doesn't literally suck, neither does your choice of comment but, oh well!

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#28, it's people like you that get the dictionaries to add the extra definition. Why the hell would you want literally to mean metaphorically when you use literally to define a situation that is not exaggerated? Beats me, but, apparently, it's fine for you. What if I said "my grandma literally died laughing"? Did she die laughing or just laugh really hard? So if I said "you're freaking stupid, literally" am I using literally in the metaphorical sense or literal sense? Well, this wouldn't be a problem if literally meant in the literal sense. #imageniusforusingliterallymetaphoricallyeventhoughitstheexactopposite

I accidentally voted "I agree, your life sucks" out of habit but mayn you deserved this one

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That sucks, I hope all of the electrical components survived.

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the look on your face would have been stunning

You poor thing! Hopefully your interior is not completely ruined!