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Today, I went to Safeway. Go in, get stuff, come out, and I have almost no room to get into my car because an SUV was parked in a compact spot next to me all crooked. Irritated, I got a pen and paper and wrote 'Nice parking you F*ing idiot' and stuck it on the windshield. Then I notice someone was in the SUV. FML
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Lol. Who cares? I think that it's awesome that you got the chance to show them who you are. Fuck 'em for being inconsiderate assholes.

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If you didn't want to tell the person who parked the car how bad of a job they did, don't go screwing with other people's cars. Grow some balls or go home quietly.


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If you didn't want to tell the person who parked the car how bad of a job they did, don't go screwing with other people's cars. Grow some balls or go home quietly.

Yeah really, if you decide to be a douchebag, at least have the balls to insult someone in person and not on a scrap of paper.

um like they KNEW who the person was in the store?? I would have done the same thing, but without the cussing. But still the same thing. At least they did not cuss them out or anything. But really, an SUV in a compact parking space and parked crookedly is wrong n I would have said something too

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It's not about knowing who the person is. It's about having the nerve to say something in writing OR in person. If it's an FML just because and only because someone saw them (rightly) saying something, then they shouldn't have done it. They should have said something, but it shouldn't matter if the person is in the car or not.

You should've flipped it around so they could read it. My dad did that one time, a guy parked like a douchebag and took up two spots and he wrote a note that said "Why don't you take up three spots next time, asshole."

You should have taken the situation further and broke the crowbar out.

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Well, assuming the SUV was parked to her left, if it was not over the line, even if it was crooked, then it wasn't the OP's place to say something. Maybe she should've parked more to the right of the stall, so that, no matter what, she could still get in his car. And moreover, here she is complaining about how hard it was for her to get in, yet she decided to go through the difficulty of getting by two more times just to write someone a spiteful note!

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What are you the advocate for shitty parkers everywhere?? Apparently you must be one of those SUV drivers who's car is too big for them to handle, and that they shouldn't be driving in the first place. Gotten one or two notes on your windshield yourself?? If Im reading this correctly, the person had already parked, got out of her car and went into the store all before this guy did a shitty park job. First of all, when your parking a car, you know damn well if your straight or crooked, or if you gave the person next to you enough room to get in and out of their car. If not, I restate: if you can't drive it, DON'T. Over the line or not the woman couldnt get into her car because of the inconsiderate ass hole that parked shitty just to sit behind the wheel playing the crossword (or WHATEVER he was doing still in the car behind the wheel). Second of all, the asshole in the SUV MORE than likely saw the woman trying to get into her car (as they were parked ON TOP of it) and couldnt be bothered moving. If I parked my car and came out and couldnt get in, your damn right I'd say something to the person. How do you know she wasnt already as far to the right as the car ON the right would have alloted for? She could have been as far over as possible. Also, nowhere does she say she finally got in her car, grabbed paper and wrote a letter, got out put it on the windshield and got back in. Im a woman too, I got a pen AND paper in my purse myself. Dont be mad because you're used to getting "spiteful" notes because you cant drive and park your big important SUV at the local Stop and Shop.

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#56. Reading FAIL. He wasn't driving the SUV, the other guy was.

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To brilliantbarbie: I wasn't mad at all; you were the one who blew your top. And no, I do not drive an SUV; I drive a very small car that fits perfectly into any parking spot. Just because I don't think that poor parking jobs are worth flipping out over, does not mean that I myself have gotten notes on my windshield or that I am an inconsiderate driver. If the OP was as far over to the right as she could have been and she still couldn't get in her car, then that probably means the SUV was over the line, in which case I never said that her note was unjustified. If you did not notice, I only said that the OP had no place saying anything if the other car was completely within the lines. The person sitting in the SUV may have been on the passenger side, did you think about that? Moreover, how do you know that the OP herself wasn't parked very closely to the line, and the car on the other side of the SUV was parked very closely to the other line, so the SUV driver had to choose for whom to leave more room? Once again, I'm not trying to make excuses for a poor parking job; I'm just saying that there is a number of situations that could have occurred. Side note: brilliantbarbie, please go back school - there are holes in your simple logic and your grammar is atrocious! And if you are going to make more arguments against me, I suggest you re-read what I posted a few times, so that you fully understand the content.

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lol at reading FAIL, because you've obviously FAILed reading yourself. She didn't say the OP was in the SUV.

actually she did. the very last sentence "then I noticed someone was in the SUV." 😂😂😂

dude, its on a computer, there "grammer" doesnt matter who cares if its "atroshus"?

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See, I don't think that obeying grammar rules is something one turns on and off. Does anyone actually think "Oh, I'm at a computer! I better start using some bad grammar!"?! I can understand making a couple of typos, not capitalizing properly, or using a more casual tone, but one doesn't just stop using punctuation and obeying the most basic grammar rules just because one is at a computer.

Someone is more likely to take the time to read/skim your post if you use some grammar and correct spelling. They are most likely to consider what you have to say (or process a response to it) if it's great. Mind you, I'm not saying you have to be PERFECT at it, but it does pay off. People think you're intelligent if you aren't typing all your posts out like: "wel u obv do not no wat ur talkin abot bcuz ppl jus hav acidents and its not so bad op is just an a**hoel" (Notice I threw in censoring oneself as well; seriously, if there are no filters, it's okay to swear, children). Now onto what I vaguely got from the argument: I've parked awkwardly myself, and have accidently not allowed someone into their car. Luckily, they seemed amused instead of angry. However, I can still understand the OP's anger and do not blame her one bit for it.

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Dear twist_n_shout, I'm not defending brilliantbarbie's grammer, or lack thereof, because bad grammer completely annoys me too. But, if you're going to criticize someone for the way they write, you should check your own posts. You shouldn't yell at her for her grammer when you have comma splices & pronoun/possessive pronoun confusion ("she could still get in his car") in your post.

If it annoys you so much Why don't you spell grammar correctly Ahurrhurr...

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Twist and shout: This is not a professional debate forum...nowhere does it state that you must use proper english to post a response. I type and submit... I don't proofread on here... I proofread briefs I file at the Lawfirm I work for. Yes, I tend to use alot of .... and alot of commas, but I do that on here to help with "tone" as it is difficult to get across online. Frankly, there really was NOTHING atrocious about my post. I wrote in complete sentences and even used little words, sorry I put too many commas in for your liking, but thay are there to show a transition in the statement/tone, etc. I was simply responding to your perspective and I maintain my position. If a person blocks you in, you have a right to leave them a note whenever you want, there is no law about leaving notes on someones car, but you asserted that they had "no right if he wasn't over the line, even if he parked crooked"... didn't know you were the parking lot police, or that you got to tell people what their rights are in that situation. And don't you worry about my education, the fact I have 2 bachelors and am attending Law School completely invalidates your pointless critique of my "grammar" on a less than formal forum. Get that or should I add some commas, or use smaller words??

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#56 your the reading fail you freakin IDIOT.... apparently you cannot read, I was not talking about the OP being in the SUV, I was talking about the person IN the SUV... in case you didnt read the OP it SAYS someone was in the SUV when OP left the note. Dont tell me Im a Reading fail when its YOU who obviously has THAT problem. 1-800- ABCDEFG--- thats hooked on Phonic's number why dont you give them a call, maybe they can help you with your reading FAIL

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brilliantbarbie, Why are you so angry all the time??? You posted the number for hooked on phonics; do they have a program for counting? #56 was your own reply, so that's a fail right there. That's so cool that you work for a law firm. I'm actually working for NASA and was recently nominated for the Nobel Prize! I never said that the OP had no right writing that note, I just said that I didn't think it was necessarily her place to say anything. Maybe you should use that "Hooked on Phonics" number yourself. Or maybe I'm the one who needs to use smaller words to make it easier for you? And just to clear it up for anyone, all I was getting at is that a bad parking job is really not worth flipping out about!

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Just a few more things and then I'm done with this argument: 1) "..." is called an ellipsis. 2) "you asserted that they had "no right if he wasn't over the line, even if he parked crooked"" - Putting quotation marks around something you type usually indicates that you are using a direct quote. I never said "no right if he wasn't over the line, even if he parked crooked". Please do not put words in my mouth. 3) There is no correlation between the word size and the grammar level of a text. If you have a dictionary, I recommend looking up "correlation" because that is a key word in the previous sentence. 4) You were not "simply responding to my perspective"; you were attacking it. There really was no need for you to get personal and to accuse me of being a bad driver, just like there probably was no need for me to jump all over your grammar, but insults and sarcasm only spawn more insults and sarcasm. 5) Imagine this situation: as the OP is putting the note on the windshield, the car owner comes back. The OP lets him knows what a jerk she thinks he is. He apologizes and tells her that he and his wife are running late for an out-of-town funeral of a close relative, so he quickly ran into Safeway to get some flowers. He says that he parked in haste and that's why he did such a poor job. At this point in time, he hasn't even seen the note yet. Would you not feel bad for him? Or, if you were the OP, would you not feel bad for writing that note? I know that this was probably not the situation, but it could have been.

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Twistnshout, thank you for throwing something relevant in your post. Grammar arguments are so points. No one wins when the grammar nazi is on patrol! Point is, we all suck at some part of our grammar. Deal with it. And yeah, that could have been the situation, and yeah, I would have felt bad for him, but I would have offered my condolences, apologized for the bad attitude, removed the note as nonchalantly as possible, and went home to count my blessings for my family. Of course, if this wasn't the situation, I still would have been frustrated at them.

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before someone points it out, as I know someone will, I meant "pointless".

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A) I ment to write 73, I responded accidently to the number he was directing his comment at...Thank you yet again, Grammar Nazi for your irrelvant, unnecessary and pointless corrections yet again. B) You work for NASA and you get to spend your days on FML correcting MY grammar?? Good for you!!! You must make all those rocket scientists proud to be your collegue!!? Glad the Nobel Prize goes to those self important people who have nothing to do with their free time other than correct grammar on a forum. As a nobel nominee, shouldnt you be in a third world country saving the hungry or starting a school?? You could be an English teacher, and teach those kiddies all about.... ellipsis......!!! C)Sorry, I didnt quote directly in case you didnt notice, when you respond to a post, you cannot see it, you get scrolled to the end of the comment section to reply, and it takes alot of effort to keep scrolling back anf dorth... maybe its not too much effort for you, but I have better things to do than that. "It wasn't the OP's place to say something" was the direct quote, I apologize for paraphrasing 'gramatically incorrect.' If I ever need an editor, Ill know who to call though! Also, not everyone is busy writing papers at all times on the computer. Any person who has ever communicated via the internet knows that caps means that you are CAPITALIZING what is being said; you want it to stand out. Again, please tell me when this became a formal forum??? I didn't know I had to post in APA format!!! And in regards to your funeral comment, I would have said, then you should have dropped off whoever was buying the flowers and waited for them there...not park shitty in a parking spot not ment for you. Feel bad they were going to a funeral? Yes... think that its a valid excuse for not knowing how to park? No.

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Your dad sounds like a badass

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He wasn't being a douche bag, people a ******* retarded and should learn how to park properly. That is one of the things that piss me off the most. Is it really that ******* difficult? The lines are even there for you. But I agree, he should have been able to say it to the persons face.

where the **** did these grammar Nazis come from? anyway, retards, OP didn't just go up to a bad parking job and tell them they sucked at parking. THEY WERE BLOCKING HIS or HER DOOR. grammar Nazis that can't read, holyshit.

You should have reamed them out for it and then called the towing company to have em carted off. :D

Lol. Who cares? I think that it's awesome that you got the chance to show them who you are. Fuck 'em for being inconsiderate assholes.

Agreed, 4! Not an FML at all, though slightly embarassing. Should have passed it off as "Yeah I know you're ******* there, here's what I think" I can't say YDI because I don't know what there is to deserve. You obviously wanted their attention, yes?

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Yeah, but if the guy in there was big and bulky...then his life definitely is effed up.

if they beat him up then he could sue them then, and noone is dumb enough 2 randomley beat someone up anyways

I was. In elementary school.

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Post its can be handy in these situations, if someone is being a douche why not let them know? TBH I wouldn't care if anyone was in there or not, I would just point at it and drive off.

LMAO #5 i love it. that is HILARIOUS.

Yeah I don't see the problem, I see people parked crooked so that no one can get in all of the time and it drives me crazy. I don't think that it matters if there was someone in the car or not it's good that someone reamed them out for not being considerate to other people/

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I agree. People are just way too inconsiderate that way. There's actually a little booklet of tickets that you can buy to stick under people's cars in such a situation. My personal favorite was: "The way you pulled into this parking spot really makes me wish that you're dad pulled out." I haven't had the nerve to actually write that and leave it on someone's window yet though...

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"you´re dad...." please learn how to write correctly.

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I hope you mean Pwned.

rooked. check.



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"...Then I noticed someone in the SUV. I got yelled at for 20mins by an angry mother. FML" THAT would have been an actual FML. Otherwise the general consensus is that the SUV people deserved to be cursed at for inconveniencing you. Were you further inconvenienced after they saw you put on the angry note is the real question.

LMFAO #10!!!!

that wouldve been funny.

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At least you didn't do something really dumb, like rear-end them or key their car. THEN this would be a major FML. As it is, you did the right thing - tell that jackass they don't know how to park, then drive away.

This is WIN but technically ... for being ****-eyed, YDI.

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this makes minimal to no sense.

So what's the problem? It's not like you keyed their car or something. On the other hand, YDI for driving to the grocery store. Next time walk, ride a bike or take public transit.

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Not everyone lives close enough to a grocery store or has public transportation available to them. Even if walking, biking, or public transit were possible, you don't know how much she was buying and it might have been impossible for her to carry it home. to the OP: this is neither a fyl or a ydi. The person in the car got what they had coming and you had a right to share your feelings.