By Liferuinedforever - 14/05/2013 07:13 - Pakistan - Karachi

Today, I found out I'm actually the uncle of my children. All four of them. FML
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That's absolutely crushing. I feel for you, OP.

Atleast you're something to them FYL


Atleast you're something to them FYL

I think would make it hurt a little bit more.

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Read the FML again. Now read your comment.

If you were handsome or attrative or not fat With a symmetrical face your life wouldn't be so F.

That's absolutely crushing. I feel for you, OP.

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While technically an option, I doubt many people go all King Arthur with their sister.

monnanon 13

he didnt say uncle and dad did he? the only option was his wife cheating with his brother.

guyverzerox 6

He could have found out after that she was his half sister but obviously it was that she cheated.

monnanon 13

if he was in any way involved in the creation of the children then he would be their dad. it doesnt say dad and uncle just uncle therefore she cannot his sister

C'mon #3, read more carefully- "found out" suggests OP didn't know- which, likely he would if sex with sis was involved, right?? Thumbs down for you!!

democration 6

I blame Game of Thrones for the notion.

34, there's old "separated at birth" movie cliche.

cloud720 5

How about a third option. OP divorces wife and marries her sister. The sister is the aunt of the four kids and her husband becomes the uncle.

Just_a_comment 21

That's horrible, OP, but I hope you love the kids all the same. It's not their fault. Their parents, however...

Medd_fml 13

*parent just one of them is at fault

No, the parents are OPs cheating wife and OPs brother who decided to cheat with his brothers wife so they both ****** him over.

Medd_fml 13

right, right. my bad. tried to abort the comment while it was sending but wasn't quick enough.

I wouldn't consider their biological dad a 'parent'. I'm adopted and as far as I'm concerned my parents are the people who chose me and raised me. Y'know, the ones who did the actual parenting. The people who supplied the sperm and egg to create me are, well, exactly that. Sperm and egg donors to a wanting and deserving family.

Are you kidding me? His wife and brother both f#%&ed him over big time. It's bad enough it happened the first time but to let his brother think he has four kids with this woman is just wrong on so many levels. I feel for you op

Vivasarous 4

Thats rough.. Sorry, OP. But just because you're technically their uncle, doesn't mean that they don't see you as their father. You were there for them, and that's what counts.

MermaidAnnariea 10

i think the bigger problem is that his wife has been cheating on him with his brother for YEARS. Y E A R S.

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I'm going for accidental sister sex here. Or the more socially acceptable: his wife was cheating with his brother

monnanon 13

if he managed to concieve a child with his sister he would still be a dad. its really not that hard to figure out.

rg350dx 29

Well you see..When a mommy and a daddy Don't love each other very much mommy sleeps with daddy's brother.

10 - "Aw man, I accidentally had sex with my sister four times. Dang"

If hr had sex with his sister he would still be the dad. come on.

honeyred1 2

OMG! Your wife and your brother man that's ultimate betrayal! He got you raising his kids and all that creeping with your wife. That's unforgivable!!!

tj5810 21

I heard that comment being said aloud in my head. It sounded awesome!

theangryone11 5

Uhhhh and what about the cheating ***** of a wife? The wife might have lied and told the brother "look don't worry man, us having sex isn't a big deal bcuz the kids are all my husbands, I' not gonna like have your babies, nothing too terrible to my husband". Then the brother might have shrugged and been like "well, I am banging my bro's wife but at LEAST the kids are his so I don't feel TOO bad." Then the wife could have been lying, and secretly having his kids on purpose. (*Selfish* women often do that, to get the man they feel is more genetically fit.) So I think the wife is a *littleee* more at fault than the brother here- its hard for a man to resist sexual temptation- but yeah don't get me wrong, the brother is a huge jerk too. But you saying "the brother is an asshat!" and not even mentioning how wrong the WIFE is, is 100% sexist and pretty offensive

I think whatever the wife told the brother - they are equally to blame - (going from what I know)... unless she had quadruplets, they probably had sex more than once over a long time.. if you like someone in a situation like that I can imagine it must be hard but I don't think the wife is more to blame than the brother.

kurk626 11

exactly, i agree with you 86, letting the brother slide a little for this act is why men think they have some kind of higher privilege over women

bettyboop428 24

84-Your reaction to the wife is pretty sexist in all of your comments as well. She was wrong, yes, but the brother was equally wrong, if not more so. Screwing your brother's wife is ****** up. You should be able to trust your family.

I personally think the brother is more of a dick because when your life goes to shit your family is the people you go to. When the man who shares your blood, genes, and mother ***** you over I find it unforgivable.

This does make it a lot easier for the wife to cheat and get away with it though, since the kids will still look like her husband...

I'm sure they love you all the same...

RuskiManBearPig 4

I ******* hate cheaters. Thats rough man i hope you get through it and try not to take it out on the kids they were born from something terrible thats all. Your wife and brother on the other hand.... Leave them to rot