By Poopie - 29/01/2011 06:06 - Canada

Today, after suffering from constipation for three days, I finally took a dump. Just as things reached the point of no return, my land line and doorbell all rang. FML
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" the point of no return" ? that sounds like an epic shit you got there

TahoeFMler 22

Um duh, don't answer them and do your business!


volvagia 0

just wait till your done... should've taken laxatives.

anybody noticed that ALL two of them rang?

takeapieandrun 9
impatientsnake 4

who cares just wait till ur done it's not a big deal gay fml.

TahoeFMler 22

Um duh, don't answer them and do your business!

22cute 17

I know really! Why would anyone be such a slave to bells? If its someone you know they'll wait or call back.

congrats on finally being able to take a dump?

Well, like you said, you were at a point of no return. So just finish what you started and deal with the ringing things later.

ThatGuyYouDontKn 0

that's a crappy situation you got there

why do people have to fml their bowel movements?? I don't see the problem. just call out to the people at the door that you are in the middle of a business downsizing and will be with them soon

kalejaxson 5

Well where's the fun in even having a phone or a doorbell if you don't decide to ignore them every once in a while?