By fmlifetime - 24/10/2009 22:24 - United States

Today, while shopping for some bananas at my local grocery store, an old woman came up to me and started rubbing my stomach. She simply asked when I was due. I am a 43 year-old man with a beer belly. FML
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perdix 29

She meant when are you due for a heart attack. Tell her, "Before I'm 50," shove a banana up her ass and keel over from the excitement.

kmfyr 0

Should've said you were doing an experiment in male pregnancy. o_O


Lol there was a commercial like that

Ajjas013 6

Beer is bad for the baby.

Hahahaahahahah you made my day OP

uhazsquiads 0

LOL at 21

dcait_1196 0


alshclown 0

you should have said in the deepest voice you could muster "november" and then rub your belly

So you're not having a baby? =/

I got a gift for his baby shower too :( _________________________

kmfyr 0

Should've said you were doing an experiment in male pregnancy. o_O

Asstazztic 8

Yea YDI for drinking so much 4th?

Counting fail, and it looks like someone watched 'Couples Retreat' recently, eh? Actually not a bad movie, I liked it. ;D To OP: Stop wearing make up and maybe you'll look less feminine. ;) Or maybe the old lady just needs new glasses. Too many assumptions to be made here, but I'm feeling nice so I'll probably have to say FYL. Some people just really do have trouble looking like their proper gender.

dcait_1196 0

uhhh no.. 6th.


1st !! naw just kidding I have a life :) but anyways thanks for making my day OP XD

sorry hun, your 5 minutes late. better luck next time. (:

#60, his 6th what?


YDI for drinking too much not an fml, could of been prevented

Could HAVE been prevented.

Mushoo... Thank you.

mooshoo... My thoughts exactly.

YDI get a hair cut, drink less and/or excercise, and dont kid us about shoping in the fruit section. We know beter

He was buying BANANAS. I think he is really a lonely woman... So lonely she resorts to fruit.

He should have resorted to vegetables! Cucumbers might help, and if he leaves it in long enough it might pickle :P ___________________________________

You know how your hands get wrinkly and start peeling if you leave them in water for too long? Yeah, that's how her vagina would be.

Mikuo 0

wtf? where did my comment go?

you should write an FML about your comments disappearing! _____________________

FML new nobody would want to read yours

What? __________________________________

wat does new nobody mean? :P

ahh, typo, my bad....i meant "Knew" nobody

i still dont get wat you mean though, oh well

it was a failed attempt on my part to say that the FML website thought that the comment was so boaring and lame that nobody would want to read it. So, they automatically threw it out. and that would explain where the comment went.

oooohhh hahahaahaha shame, they cant do that rite?

lmao, im pretty sure all they do is moderate the abusive stuff, but even that is after the post is already up.

ahahaha im a dick head :P

smartalek 2

13th stupid