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Today, I was shopping at Walmart, when I saw a really good deal on some bacon. Before I could take any, a huge-ass woman stormed over, kicked my cart down the aisle, and snatched every single packet for herself. And I actually got upset over this. FML
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TheFamilyElf 17

You have every right to be upset! Bacon ain't a joke! Bacon is serious!


toenibbler 14

and bacon is no laughing matter.

LunaDragon 10

Canadian Bacon is a lie, it's really just ham. :/

You should think of it as a favor. She's taking in all those calories for you...

52- keep your gay comments to yourself

FMLshark 12

Come after her and push her. Watch her roll down the aisle. Grab your bacon.

phantumgrey 6

Come here to Canada, we have lots of bacon! (Well I can't have anything pork in my religion. But I adore turkey bacon. :) )

If you hurry you might be able to buy all the discount beer before her.

Haha legit. Why do you care so much over that disgusting stuff? There are more important things to focus on. Like your health(:

Nor can I. I can never see myself putting bacon in my mouth. It makes my stomach churn.

Why live to possibly be one hundred and be healthy when you can live to seventy and be happy? People have screwed up priorities.

If clogging your arteries makes you happy...

Awes0meperson 10

To answer your name: a lot of things. You just made a perfect example with your FML

MeeshaMeeshaPup 8

If you have ever watched Epic Meal Time, you know bacon is some serious shit.

KhrystinaS, I understand your point(and I respect that), but here on the internet, Bacon is the food of the internet and god himself. Basically: IT'S ******* DELICIOUS!

ripresno 10

Well what religion are you [^¿^]

hotPinklipstick 24

182- If you're asking me because of my earlier comment, I'm Muslim. We can't have pork because it's not very clean or healthy. And apparently people like to thumb someone down for not being able to have regular bacon. Doesn't bother me though, but it goes to show how disrespectful some people can be over the smallest things. Thumb me down all you want, I don't regret saying what I can and can't have. *shrugs*

Michelle_74617 1
TiMe_oF_dYiNg13 6

47 - no we have real bacon, I mean look at epic meal time :P

tifani322 13

She doesn't play around when it comes to bacon...

135 are you ******* retarded? Humans are meant to live, not exist. Dumb ****...

I would eat bacon til it killed me. I have bacon popcorn and bacon chewing gum. Bacon is its own food group.

257- Well I can have turkey bacon and I love it! Do you guys still hate me if I like and am able to have turkey bacon?

187 I take it you've never been to America?

You don't get in between a man and his bacon.

ThisIsMyReign 4

Artery clogging goodness. Should have hopped in your cart and chased the bitch down!

Don't **** with fat woman and bacon. Trust me I know

trueblue170 13

nado13579, I LOVE your profile picture. AND turkey bacon. :D

125... Why do you use a Swedish YouTuber as your avatar? xD

330- Yup, turkey bacon is amazing!! And thanks, I love Tails!! He's my favourite video game character and was my first crush when I was 6. :P And I love your Profile picture. Leave it to Link :D

TwiztedYuri 9

best source of happieness in the world is BACON

TwiztedYuri 9

Bacon strips and bacon flips. now for the money shot...BACON SEX TEASE WITH SOME BACON LUBE

146- with Jack Daniel's it is the ultimate combo.

135-it only clogs your arteries if you eat way too much of it-_- just because someone eats it doesn't necessarily mean that they are unhealthy or overweight. Healthy people can still enjoy themselves to something like that every now and again


Dude, turkey bacon is healthier anyway . Let the fatties be fatties.

Lludes 5

Turkey bacon is really good and so much healthier. I can eat pork but I prefer the turkey bacon.

I think you got thumbed down for implying that Canadian bacon could hold a candle to "regular" bacon, not your religion or choice to eat it or not.

You do realise that there bacon isn't all that bad for you if you cook it differently.

bettyc4 26

I like how you changed from "Wow first " to just "Wow" after you saw you were 2nd. ='D

TheFamilyElf 17

You have every right to be upset! Bacon ain't a joke! Bacon is serious!

Never get between a man and his bacon.

hthelittleone 10

I'd be pretty freakin upset, too. And I'm a girl!

Bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips. Oh and I forgot, bacon strips.

CaramelMacchiato 13

Lol, I read your comment and then looked at your photo. Oh, the irony :D

TheFamilyElf 17

210- Please excuse me, next time I am shouting about bacon, I'll make sure I use the right conjunction.

yadisingh 5

210- It's ain't because ain't is actually considered a word now. But you're a Miami Heat fan, you spend too much time bandwagoning.

*isn't ain't is a ******* stupid word

You sir do not deserve any bacon for your correction. Also you are a failure of a troll if that was your intentions. So many people use ain't that it basically is a word so take your dictionary and shove it.

This will seem like a stereotype, it is. Silly greedy fat Americans. And to answer your question OP. TONNES is wrong with your country.

Push her away and take her cart.. And yell: "my bacon!" ofcourse

Oooh brings the best out of people!

RandomComments 6

We take bacon, and add more bacon on it!

kdog333 1

#37, i think he means a fat woman not woman with a huge ass. just sayin.

269-have you even been to America? Because that shit ain't true and it's ignorant to say shit like that... So don't

mlj_ASW 0

That IS a ******* stereotype, dumbass. Not every American is fat. We like eating as much as the next country, thank you very much, but that doesn't mean we're all fat

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'Better' and 'without' shouldn't be in the same same sentence if it is about bacon. Unless the sentence is: "Bacon would not be better without more bacon!"

Bacon should be made into its own food group...

agm77 9

Bacon is a food group! The four basic food groups are: beans, bacon, whiskey, and lard.

91:- You left out beer and peanut butter...other than that, pretty much spot on

One cannot simply be better off without bacon

Nah thats not the 4 basic food groups. The 4 basics are bacon, bacon, bacon, and bacon.

91 isn't that from disney Atlantis ?

No wonder so many people are massively overweight...

Unless its like a heart transplant... Hey doc, would you ever use bacon grease as an antibiotic?

Or: Life is better with bacon and worse without it. Still one sentence :)

I don't know if anyone has told you, but bacon is a main food group. People have been known to go insane if they do not consume enough bacon in their diet...

Technically he is right. Bacon is bad for you. So is everything now a days. But in moderation, go for it!

That sounds like walmart. Definitely.

This sounds like ignorant, uneducated douche, defenitly.

The irony in 161s comment killed 3 or more babies today.

She's just bringing home the bacon. That's what the feminists fought for, right?

161, I don't know why people continue to call others dumb, uneducated or stupid and not check their spelling. Definitely*

Redoxx_fml 22

Shoulda called out "here piggy piggy!"

If you are what you eat, cannibals are the only real people.

Though if you eat other people that are what they eat then you would be what those people eat...

Trix_Disorder 20

Then he would have no bacon, AND had his ass beat. :(

This little piggy made her house of bacon!

#6 That reminded me of American horror story, episode 6 nonetheless.

#6 That reminded me of American horror story, episode 6 nonetheless.

I'd have broken out into BIG GIRL YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Then stun her and everyone one in Walmart. And while they are all busy looking at you crazy sing, dance surreptitiously to her cart and steal all her bacon.

Honestly, regardless of what kind of food it was, I'd be pretty mad too if someone kicked my shopping cart down the isle and took all of whatever I was looking at.

Dear god. Who left the bean stalk unguarded?

bettyc4 26

Between your hair and mine we are Christmas lol

bettyc4 26

Don't get between fat people and their food. Very dangerous!

K_kanaka 26

Especially when theres bacon involved

Don't get between fat people and anything, in fairness. It'll only end in tears...

I would be offended if this wasn't true...

You... Think it's strange to be upset? No. No my dear boy. We are talking about bacon here. You must exact your revenge.

Can't tell if sarcastic or just really, really stupid..