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Today, my boyfriend walked in on me as I was browsing a baby name website. I explained to him that I was naming characters for a novel I was planning to write, but he is completely convinced that I'm pregnant, and has even told his parents. FML
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nelds 12

Maybe this is him saying he wants a baby!

Yeah because only babies have names. When a human reaches puberty they're assigned a number.


nelds 12

Maybe this is him saying he wants a baby!

****, does this mean we have to go steal a baby now?

Just buy a pregnancy test.. but imagine if the results were positive... FYL.

nelds 12

#43 - how dare you post under my comment!

46 - "Nobody's allowed to reply to my comments. NOBODY!"

nelds 12

Haha I only said that because their comment had nothing to do with mine :p

Why is everyone thumbing down neld's thread-jacker put down comment? Is it suddenly okay to do?

That's because the person under you was replying to the same person you were replying to....seriously, that stupid?

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Yeah because only babies have names. When a human reaches puberty they're assigned a number.

So what if they are? Just look at the Rugrats, it's a completely viable idea.

7 - that's actually a decent idea for a dystopian novel.

It was a very good idea. You should write that dystopian novel, but make sure you do it under the pseudonym "Ayn Rand". I just made that name up. Trust me. No, don't google it.

There is a lot of objectivism coming from you Doc

"The Giver" is a novel about a dystopian society where the children have numbers. :D

I think you're thinking of a different book, there's no numbers in The Giver. The main characters name was Jonas.

Well if you go to jail... inmate #19105194

Actually 110,111 you are both right. In the Giver a child is given a name when they turn 1, however before that they are given/called a number.

ripresno 10

Or OP's boyfriend just really wants to be a father and was overcome by excitement when he saw the baby names on the computer screen. If so, he was too joyful to ask her why she was on that website and jumped to conclusions.

Wicked361 8

3- Is your user from the movie Lion King 2? I just noticed...

I don't think telling his parents right away was the right move...

Saryrr 3

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She did try to tell him that what he thought was true wasn't, in fact, the truth; he wouldn't listen to her and instead, rushed to tell his parents. Like I said, telling RIGHT AWAY. Of course, if se was pregnant they should tell their parents.

Keeping it secret for ~3 months is a great idea, in case the pregnancy doesn't take. It's better than having to tell all of your friends and family about your miscarriage.

Why would he tell his parents before he's even completely sure himself? Your bf is an idiot, OP, sorry

God knows why he told his parents... Take a pregnancy test and prove it to the idiot.

You've signed it "inapickle" but you're not; your boyfriend is. Just tell his parents what happened and that they have an idiot for a son.

gage27 5

Shut up, button your shirt, and remove your phone number from your FML profile.

All suggestions of course. You could do none of those things and remain a tool, for all I care.

Hahaha oh I love you for commenting that. I was thinking the same then boom its already said :)

Bea_FaCurtains 17

^^^ Technically his jacket zips... Just saying.

challan 19

Because its always good to lie about a pregnancy... Are you crazy?