By missmycomp - 12/11/2009 14:36 - Singapore

Today, I returned home for the first time in a year, and found my entire computer missing. I asked my grandma about this, and she told me that she threw "the TV" away because it "no longer responded to the remote control." FML
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Idk whats funnier, the fact she thought your computer was a tv, or that she'd throw the "tv" away just because she'd had to get up to control it.

Omg that sucks but it's really funny at the same time!


hahahahahahahahah that sucks i hope i was an older computer then

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i'm asian so this is uncommon... i ask my grandma where do you wanna eat in english .. she responds yes and nods......... and i ask her in korean she responds with a list

entire computer? i didnt know it came in peices OP last time i checked computers are a whole

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well she couldve thrown away the monitor and the actual computer. but then again, if I thought a computer monitor was a tv I probably wouldve just thrown that away too

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If she thought it was a TV, then she would have left the CPU, right?

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You're referring to the tower... which houses the motherboard containing the CPU. But who knows how old people think?

if it was one of those Macs or an HP all in one, it wouldn't have been separate.

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It does say "Entire computer missing" So I assume that includes the tower

CPU can also refer to the entire chassis, though it's a bit of an archaic usage.

No, it can't. It's an inaccurate layman's term. CPU is Central Processing Unit, however the computer (or tower, base, case, etc.) contains much more than just a single processor. OP, that really sucks. Hopefully she'll get you a new one.

Well the Grandma would've noticed a cord leading from "the TV" so she probably threw out the hard drive too, under the assumption it no longer works.

Omg that sucks but it's really funny at the same time!

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Wow...I live near this thing called a's pretty freaky in there. They have books that I can, like, read, and these computers that...*whispers* I CAN USE FOR FREE!! Plus, some people have both desktops and laptops. Or maybe he works with computers and had spares. There's any number of possibilities, so stop whining about things that don't make sense in your brain and spend five minutes trying to puzzle it out before you look like an idiot.

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"...found my entire computer missing..." ...found one of my computers missing... >>Sarcasm not detected. >>ACCESS DENIED.

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And, there are these awesome people called friends and this place some people go to each day! And there are these nifty things called cell phones, some of which have internet access!! OMG!!!

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Maybe he could have gotten a new one?...or he has a Laptop since the OP was deployed Its a computer not a heart jeez...

ugh that win was supposed to be a reply to # 26

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iphone?ipod?friends computer?

OMG. Then how am I posting this. AN IPHONE. HE COULD BE POSTING OF AN iPhone, iPod, iPad. MAYBE EVEN A 'HTC' ANDROID.

What if it was one of those new iMacs that is all built into the monitor

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my gosh... this made me laugh so hard. FYL OP. Not everyone can have a tech-savvy grandma......... or one that can tell the difference between a TV and a computer. But, I wanna know: How are you posting on FML? o_O Are you using a friend's comp?

Ah, nothing like the magical device known to the common peasant as the smartphone. Although a friend's comp is a reasonable explanation.

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