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Today, I was grocery shopping. When I turned around I noticed a group of teens passing by laughing. I didn't think anything of it until I got to my cart. The losers had left a pack of Slim Fast in my cart. I'm pregnant. FML
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Throw it at them... You have the excuse of being hormonal

Don't think too much of it, OP. At least you're not one of those people who gets pregnant but never knows it until the baby comes out (believe me, there's a show on that).


Throw it at them... You have the excuse of being hormonal

15-Damn, homie. If only there was a thumbs up button for that.

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I'd open it then and there and think nothing of it. Then I would take the empty bottle and throw it at them, and tell them to shove it.

Or don't stoop to their level. Be the "bigger" person. Lol jk jk

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Hell yeah should have chunked them at their pimple ridden heads

The number of thumbs up on 1's comment completely mislead me to how good the thread might be...but #1, a few days ago another FML proved that women are allowed to be bat shit insane for the fact they might have had a bad day or PMS...being pregnant is just the trump excuse...women can be bitchy if they want to, society will act like nothing happened because honestly, we are scared of you...a lot...

Being pregnant isn't a good excuse. You make it sound like fat people don't get pregnant.

Don't think too much of it, OP. At least you're not one of those people who gets pregnant but never knows it until the baby comes out (believe me, there's a show on that).

You've got to be kidding me. TV shows nowadays...

Yep. With the brilliant title of "I didn't know I was pregnant". Apparently it happens enough to warrant a TV show.

The show that rationalizes the fear of giving birth on the toilet... Apparently some people can't tell the difference between having to use the bathroom and going into labor.

I saw one where she was on birth control, only gained around 10 lbs, and had her period every month like normal. She had zero signs, until it came it obviously. That's terrifying.

I've seen that show, my mum is convinced they all have mental problems. She's probably right.

I agree. You need to be wildly out of out of touch from your own body to not know the entire pregnancy. Or in denial.

@60. You do realise that some women don't have any pregnancy symptoms and don't gain that much weight. All the women in the show don't show any visible signs of being pregnant. It is possible to be pregnant and not know it untill you go into labour. @OP, let it go. You're pregnant. Congratulations!

Yes my sister found out she was pregnant at 7 months! Gain no weight, still had her period. She was freaking out because she'd been drinking alcohol every weekend. But baby came out fine. :)

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Not only if there were no symptoms but a lot of the women were told they were infertile and couldn't conceive even if they wanted to. So if they have a few symptoms they ride it off as some thing else. Most of the women on the show aren't blundering idiots. They genuinely didn't know or didn't think they could be pregnant.

And also, if you have never had a kid before and didn't know much about birth, you could possibly assume you just needed to take a massive shit (also assuming you're riding a bit low on the I.Q. scale, as the woman who gave birth on a toilet seemed to be). Especially if the baby is early and possibly not fully developed or quite small, you wouldn't necessarily be able to recognize it as going into labour or giving birth.

I gave birth three months early. The size of the baby does NOT affect the pain of labour, trust me.

Thanks to that show I'm afraid I'll give birth on the toilet.

My Nan didn’t know either, she thought she was going through the menopause when she had my mum. Bit of a shock for her haha

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If they put it in her cart before she checked out it's not free, it's just an insult.

It's in her cart dumbass. Which means she'd have to pay for it at the checkout. Sorry 4, wrote this before yours showed up. Now I can't delete it, only edit.

That's exactly what they are; losers. Never mind them and their stupidity.

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Yeah who cares what they think. You obviously know you are pregnant and not just fat. Don't think anything of it.

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Just forget about them, you know you're pregnant so it doesn't matter if a group of teenagers think you're fat. Congratulations on your baby!

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I have to agree. It would be far more awkward if people were to think you're pregnant but you're just fat.

Well don't feel bad! Who cares what those ignorant teens think? Congrats on the baby :)

I second that.(: Congratulations to the OP for being strong enough to bring a new life into this world while those dumbfucks have nothing better to do than torment pregnant women. You rock.

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Tell them that you eat pieces of shit like them for breakfast, then muscle up the strength to take a shit right there - then eat it. It's good for the fetus.

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Ah yes, boners. We've missed you and your, um...thought provoking comments.

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Well you certainly are one demented guy, aren't you?

I thumbed you up just because you referenced "Happy Gilmore." One of my favorite movies, jackass!

Hmm, this comment was really gross and disturbing.

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You're on the slim slow program, you'll actually gain weight for the first 9 months, followed by a sudden drop and a gradual return.

Wait, gradual return? They regain weight!? But why!?

TheDrifter 23

Perhaps I needed more words. Add "to your original weight" to the end and it makes sense as a weight loss program. Though if it fails, the first interpretation will be correct.

That does make more sense, thank you. Still! D: (I'm pregnant and I dun wanna b fat!)

Just forget about it. YOU know that you're not fat.

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OP, I'm sorry on behalf of my generation.

I'm sick of these generation posts. Every generation has a variety of people, all with different personalities and ways of interacting. The fact that teens did this does not relate to you personally, you're just of the same age group. Big deal. This refers to every "sorry for my generation" posts.

There are assholes of every age creed, color, nationality, and socioeconomic status. Yep, sadly, assholes are everywhere. Assholery is a global phenomenon that knows no bounds.

CheeseTron 15

38- There is a large majority of people that act like this in my generation though.

70, I think that has more to do with your age than your generation. Every generation has a lot of assholes in the teen years. Don't worry. MOST of them will grow out of it.

koolkat27 13

70- I don't think you've been alive long enough to judge other generations, so you can't prove that this generation has the majority of assholes.

Most people of any generation are NOT like this. You've probably only lived in one place, gone to the same school and so you don't have a large scope on what people are like. Like someone else said. It is more age then generation. There are a lot of assholes I know in their late 20s early 30s.

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You guys apparently took what he said to heart. Because of the fact that his generation is in its teen years, he can actually say 'I apologize for my generation.' Don't get a stick up your ass lol.