Sorry for nothing, lady

By bad samaritan - 23/10/2012 03:51 - United States - Houston

Today, a parent was too busy texting to notice her child had run in front of a moving truck. She did however see me grab the child's backpack to yank him back out of traffic. She then screamed at me for "manhandling" her child and demanded I be fired. It's not even my school; I'm a part time sub. FML
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What a bitch. Needs to look after her own kids.

Some people are too obsessed with their phones to even notice the real world. Good for you, you saved a life OP!


What a bitch. Needs to look after her own kids.

People aren't even great full for saving their kids life. How sad.

OP shpuld actually try to let the lady fire her, then she could file a nice law suit(:

Tell the principle to look at the security tapes

Just curious isn't this legally child negligence?

Screw being reasonable with the woman, drop kick that bitch to the curb and shit on her face. Edit: The ******** on the face part may be 1 step to far...

1- is that a mustache? I call that dirty Sanchez on your lip.

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38 - lawsuits aren't the answer to everything.

Let that kid get hit by a ******* car. People are freaken dumb ass hell.

Kids should NOT have to pay for peoples stupidity. I say push her under instead of the kid.

Actually, I think it's child endangerment. Or maybe both.

Maybe you should have thrown her in front of the truck and see if she's greatful if she gets saved.

Some people are too obsessed with their phones to even notice the real world. Good for you, you saved a life OP!

Something tells me it'll catch up with her one day if she's not careful. She'll just be walking and texting and BAM!

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No, school bus, just like that movie back when Lindsay Lohan (however its spelt) was hot

Depending on her age (I'm assuming she is older than 20 ) she wont be in your generation.

Hey OP, you know what you did was right, and anyone else who saw what happened knows it was right. That counts for a lot, too. (:

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Yeah forget about that bitch, you just saved someone's life!

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That's why we call children. They don't know any better, their common sense and brains aren't fully developed yet.

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You idiot. Never have kids if you just expect them to immediately know what's dangerous and what isn't. Kids aren't "dumb" they're just ignorant, through no fault of their own.

They are kids, what do you expect? She might be in kindergarten or first grade.

10, I'm not being rude, but I want to point out that children are more naive (due to the lack of experience and knowledge) rather than ignorant. Ignorance is a more like close minded and choosing not to believe, even if knowing one's self is at fault. A child who doesn't know danger is still innocent, don't you agree? :)

AsianAdvent, ignorance means lack of knowledge or awareness.

Ah, fml. A place where everyone can agree with a pair of drawn breasts correcting an asian schoolgirl and see nothing wrong with that.

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No, 25, you're not being rude. Ignorant where I come from can also mean naive and that is the sense I was using it in.

It's good to know there are still good people out there. Good on you for potentially saving her kids life. I can't believe some parents though.

Some people shouldn't be allowed to breed...

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so what was the truck carrying?

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The truck was carrying......who gives a damn what it was carrying. Read the fml.

You're right. It's much more important that we know the contents of the kid's backpack. So what was in the backpack? I NEED TO KNOW IN ORDER TO LIVE!

God damn they were making a joke calm the hell down

Even if it was a joke, it wasn't very funny...

You saved a life! Forget that hag, just remember you SAVED

A bunch of money on your car insurance by switching to geiko!

How very judgmental of you. Some of the best mums I know are "underage", assuming of course, that to you underage is someone in their teens?

Wow. Age doesn't define whether you're a good mom or not.

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I know a 17 yr old girl, that is raising a 3 1/2 yr old little girl, and she lives by herself. She is an excellent mother and role model for her little girl.