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By Anonymous - 27/09/2019 12:00 - Canada

Today, I went to Walmart to purchase a pregnancy test. I chose my checkout line carefully, to make sure I didn't see anyone I knew. After choosing one, I realized it was 4 o'clock on the dot. Shift change. My mom's best friend took over the shift just as I reached the checkout. FML
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There was a Walmart with more than one checkout line open?!

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You don’t have self checkout in America?

Why didn't you go somewhere else? Like, in another city?

Another store where you know none of the people that work or shop there. Self check out lines.

How would she know that nobody she knows works in a given store in her hometown? (But no idea how close is the nearest town.) She can't possibly know where they all work (esp. if it's a new job) AND their shift schedule, too. Yea, self-checkout would've been the best, safest option regardless.

You should have put the test on the candy shelf and bought a bag of beef jerky. Walmart has the best prices on beef jerky!

"Oh, uh, I'm picking it up for a friend." But next time, use self-checkout if that's an option where you live.