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By  livebetter  |  0

I don't think this is FML. There are lots of bad reasons for getting laid (as well as good ones) and lots of good reasons for not getting laid (as well as bad). There are plenty of FML's written by people who did get laid. Without more facts I don't see it as FML.

  todo350  |  0

your funny! LOL Jks you look like an inbred albino persian sewer rat. and shootin' squirelles all day isnt a job, and touching your cousin 100 times isnt getting laid.

By  atvarela  |  0

today, i got closer to getting some action than i have in the past two years. this is due to the fact that i'm probably still a virgin. but this cash register lady was pretty damn smokin. i wish i could have a threesome with two of her. FML