By swedishguy - 05/10/2009 17:22 - Sweden

Today, I was paying for coffee and accidentally touched hands with the girl behind the counter. As I was walking home, I realised that was the closest I've been to getting laid in two years. FML
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since when is minor contact close to getting laid?!?

Miss the point much?


since when is minor contact close to getting laid?!?

He's saying he hasn't had any action in a long time. Ass.

Miss the point much?

MyNameIsLolz 0

I'm with #1, that has nothing to do with being laid. Maybe getting affection.

uh, #1 and #23, that's the point. It's not even close to getting laid. Yet it's the closest he had to gretting laid. Too hard for you to get it?

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yes 1 and 23 that wasn't the point

I guess I've almost got laid every day this year when I get my girl friend's binder in Geography and we touch hands in the exchange.

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your ugly when have u ever got laod

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YDI for not being able to spell. you shouldn't breed...

People can be so stupid not understanding this

I don't think this is FML. There are lots of bad reasons for getting laid (as well as good ones) and lots of good reasons for not getting laid (as well as bad). There are plenty of FML's written by people who did get laid. Without more facts I don't see it as FML.

I agree with darth hamlet if almost getting laid is just buy touching someones hand.I alost got laid a 100 times last week at work LMAO

I hate dumb people. even tho they entertain me(:

your funny! LOL Jks you look like an inbred albino persian sewer rat. and shootin' squirelles all day isnt a job, and touching your cousin 100 times isnt getting laid.

Don't know if this is fake, but it sure wasn't funny....

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Haha. You didn't cum in her mouth did you?

SystemofaBlink41 27

How is this... Why.... Cum?.... *gets in fetal position*

today, i got closer to getting some action than i have in the past two years. this is due to the fact that i'm probably still a virgin. but this cash register lady was pretty damn smokin. i wish i could have a threesome with two of her. FML

That's why I always wear a condom when I go to Starbucks.

Muthafucka, learn to spell. YDI

nikkilorenz7 5

if you are going to critisize someone for not spelling something correctly then don't spell mother ****** 'muthafucka'

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are you jewish?

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Well then dumbass why don't you just ask the girl out and possibly your two year unlaid streak will end. YDI for whining.

jw90 18

oh and if darth hamlets theory is correct...I've been laid almost everyday :D (two thumbs up)