By Anonymous - 21/12/2010 05:43 - United States

Today, one of my usually unpleasant managers offered me a slice of cheese cake for doing a good job. I declined, but after some pestering on his part I finally accepted it. I have been violently ill for the past two hours. FML
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Well, you know, some people got sent to prison for giving out laxative- or listerine-laced chocalate cakes to their coworkers. If he actually knowingly gave you tainted food, then, yeah, his ass belongs in front of the judge. It actually is considered a felony.

you should sue him for making you make him make you take a slice to finally get you to eat his poisoned cheesecake


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side effects of the arsenic i presume..

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Damn chemist mixed it up with the date rape.

actually op it's been 2 days and it's a side effect of roofies. I know because a friend of a friend told me...

it can't be roofies te drug dealer told him it was ecstasy :D

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ahahahahahah ^^^^^^

15 fails 71 wins

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lol what an ass shoulda seen it coming I'd fuck him up worse put a rag in his gas tank and light the part sticking out and watch the fuckers car burn

Wow, you got quabbled!!!

you should sue him for making you make him make you take a slice to finally get you to eat his poisoned cheesecake

The OP shouldn't take it personally. It's just politics. The manager has to take out his enemies. "Kill them with kindness," in a literal sense.

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why is tizzzy so retarded?

nomnomnom? loser

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someone got poisoned







ahhhh!!! I'm like most definately going to shit on myself , it's like sooo crazeh! -too much?

no way, I almost overdosed on rlly rlly's.. now my ring just stings.. :p

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Someone has too much time on their hands.

YDI For eating cheesecake.

you look gay

How funny... neither of you have a picture.

woah you look pretty fucked up

cheesecake is yucky. :x

sorry I forgot to tell you. one of my ingredients is eat poison...

That's an instruction, not an ingredient. Just like one of the ingredients in my famous cheesecake is to kick idiots in the balls.

that's what she said

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Did you just "lol" at your own comment?

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thats no gooood..