By Spelit - 13/08/2010 19:45 - United States

Today, I finished painting my living room. I had to leave the house in a rush. When I got home, I found smears of paint all around and the carpet crusted with paint that had dried. My cat had rubbed up against the walls and tracked it around. FML
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YDI for leaving your cat in the living room with all the paint fumes, which could have killed it. F the cats life, not yours. He/she probably rubbed up against the walls for revenge.

hey can I borrow your cat? I need some help painting my room on Tuesday


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Hah that means your cat is painted, too! Have fun bathing your cat ;)

hey can I borrow your cat? I need some help painting my room on Tuesday

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Gotta love those crazy cats... mine would probably do that too though -.-"

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just added this to the list why i dont like cats. this is currently number 347

agreed, cat's are stupid pets and you deserve this and more for getting one.

what color was your cat before the paint job

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Lol. Pets are more trouble than they're worth. Fyl

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cats are selfish. they're like people who go to you only when they need you

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every smart person knows cats are jerks and they hate everyone. YDI for not knowing that and for owning a cat in the first place.

you forgot more when ur in a rush. true fact.

this is just one more reason why i hate cats. :/

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My cat is too lazy to do anything like that.

Pussy win... worst part is going to be getting the paint off of the cat :-/

My cat steped in the paint pan and tracked little white foot prints across the whole house. As that wasn't enough. he did it again the next day when were finishing up. I feel for you OP. I'm stating to think we should have installed the doors Before painting the walls.

ydi for having a cat. u shud get a dog. he wuda just slept the hole time

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You should have locked up your cat.

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it's funny because your cat touched the wet paint and ruined your carpet

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haha. the cat did a better job

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this is why I love cats :) but seriously u didn't think ur cat would?

Throw the cat in the bathroom next time, smartass. What'd you expect?

**** cats; dogs aren't pain in the asses like they are

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no shit. we just painted as well. cats and bunnies were locked up so they couldn't precisely what happened to OP.

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well if you put a pic of your ruined wall on yur profile pic then maybe I cud feel ur pain

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156 atleast they don't bark all the time and they cam take care of themselves and you don't have to walk them. and they don't lick you with disgusting slober everywhere

123: you do know that every time you smack your face with a hammer a kitten dies, right? It has to be a hard smack, too, not just some light tap. Break some bones!

172, damn it. Why I came up with 123, I'll never know.

At least cats know how to use apostrophes correctly.

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once when my mum was painting a wall upstairs ny kitten somehow tipped over the paintcan and got totally covered in blue paint from head to toe, but luckily we stopped her before she walked outside the room :D

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fyl guy who takes self pics with no shirt on. #67 that's you.

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nooo ydi for not watchin the cat! pay attention

better bust out the cleaning supplies

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it wudda been a real fml if ur cat ate the paint and died

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ydi for having a cat i hate them animals.

YDI for leaving your cat in the living room with all the paint fumes, which could have killed it. F the cats life, not yours. He/she probably rubbed up against the walls for revenge.

#19 people like you deserve to die for thinking anyone should care about a damn cat. ever.

Why should anybody die for caring about an animal? When you get a pet, you become attached to it, no matter it be a cat, dog, turtle, etc.

It's an animal, it doesn't care about you anymore than a damn rock does. People need to stop anthropomorphizing their pets and trying to convince others to the same. No one cares how "cute" your stupid animal is and no once cares about your damn pet stories.

61- There are lots of pets out there that do care about their owners. I have heard stories of pets actually saving their owners life.

My heart's in my damn chest pumping my blood where it belongs. and 68# just because an animal can grasp the fact that its owner is its meal ticket does not mean they "care". They're animals, not people.

There's no such thing as the "grinch", grow the hell up.

Haha I agree with candy. and yeah I heard that story.

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rasta_pasta sounds like he hasn't got any in years... if ever. Stop being a grouch, dude. You're acting like the Grinch, which ironically is what you were bitching about earlier.

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Lol you're not a smart person

You know you can put your animal to sleep?? they have places for that..

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I guess ur having cat for dinner....

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