By Fire_Crotch - 14/08/2010 06:27 - Canada

Today, I turned the shower on the hottest setting so it would warm up quickly. I started to sing and dance around the bathroom. I got too carried away and pelvic thrusted the water, which I hadn't turned back down. FML
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And of course... you were dancing like a retard... and you're a boy.

fyl, indeed. Op: You got burned dude, burn man, burn... donut ftw

hahaha lol... i set the temp before entering the shower..

i don't even know what to say. what song were you dancing to?

YDI for singing Justin bieber songs in the shower.

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lol he was trying to blow a bubble but he cudnt so he was singin and dancin wit spongebob PELVIC THRUST WHOOOO WHOOOO STOP ON UR RIGHT FOOT DONT 4GET IT!!!!!!

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23 you do know chicks don't have dicks right? that's why it matters if it's a guy or a girl

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That's happened to me OP. Next time wait for the water to turn hot.

#62, what a brilliant revelation. Good thing we have you around.

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hmm.... i don't know what to say to that...

62 u didn't understand her question. she ment the dancing and doing the pelvic thrust and how can it he be a retard

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Isn't the Pelvic Thrust a dance from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"? Let's do the time warp again!!!!

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boys and girls have different parts.  that's the difference. 

haha I hope OP wasn't thrusting to Justin beiber. that would be sad 

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I think firecrotch has posted a fml before this one.. anyone remember?

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I remember, fire crotch posted something else before 

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108 you should get a clip on it's way faster

yeah crotch has posted another one. I don't remember what it was about?? hmm

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88 that song was stuck in my head for a week, then i finally get it out, and you come along and happen to sing it. ****.

no reproducing for you. dumbass Canadian. seriously, is it like a quarter of us now?

since it's Canada, op probably didn't burn much

I love that song!!!! it's just a step to the left!!!!

in soviet russia, pelvises thrust on you!

150 - seriously, these whole "in soviet russia..." comments are getting old, enough is enough

23, u actually hav 2 ask that question??!

Indeed. I would like to see this FML in the form of a viral YouTube video, then remixed by 4chan to hilariously repeat choice instances in the vid and put to techno music. Lotsa thrusting and crotch burning there!

actually 79 it's "my dick is on fire!!!!! "

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He is being a pervert...awesome

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You're lucky to have a bathroom you can dance around in. I'm sure a half-burnt crotch isn't too bad.

I could dance in an airplane bathroom if I wanted to. I don't think it has to be a ballroom just to be able to move rhythmically in it.

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I shot a music video in an airplane bathroom. You're very right Toxi.

I shot a load in an ai-- Damn. This joke would be funnier if I were a guy. Ok, I shot a screaming baby in an airplane bathroom.

Did you also shoot the parents for allowing it to scream long enough to warrant shooting?

No. I threw them into the plane's engine. And lol at Mercy #31. :)

well at least you got them health rights...

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@14 Toxi, I still think it's pretty funny. About as funny as a pissed off girl shouting... "Oh Yeah?? Well suck my dick!!!!"

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you should know the proper response to that since garrison.. "present it!"

I don't think the water will warm up quicker OP. be more careful next time

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I can totally see this happening. especially happening to me.

no bueno. you should probably retire that pelvic thrust. it's dangerous. ahaha

ahaha yeah true. but maybe he should retire his since it causes him to burn his own junk.

YDI for trying to fornicate with an inanimate object. YDI for singing and dancing while being a guy. What are you, some kind of Nancy? Going to try out for the next season of Glee?! YDI for having indoor plumbing. YDI for your username, unless you're also a redhead, in which case YDI for being a ginger and making a pun out of it and your incident.

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You know you're awesome, pendatik, right?

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BAHAHAHAHAHAH! something I would do for sure.

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Okay, any chance your name is griffin? Cuz if so I know you, if not... Well that's just creepy!