By AlexK - 18/06/2009 23:39 - United Kingdom

Today, I was browsing my computer to find naked pictures of my ex-girlfriend. I decided it'd be funny to photoshop a penis onto one of the pictures. I'm straight and the new picture turned me on more than before. FML
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dude, come out of the closet

fuckmyl1f333 0

Why would u admit this?


dude, come out of the closet

Not necessarily gay, I know a few straight guys who like the idea of shemales... one's actually going to Thailand soon to try one

Love_Bugg 0

This doesn't make him gay. It's natural to have something like that turn you on even if you're a guy. It doesn't mean he likes them.

I went to Thailand on a school trip and Thai She-males actually look like women. Some are even beautiful.

That's probably why she's the OP's ex.

Hmm. This is the type of thing that makes you question your sexuality,eh? xD

prttyyngthng 0

They're not straight... ...and apparently, neither is the OP.

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Oh, and it's not really that uncommon. Some chicks like it too. So, if that makes you feel better, take solace in it.

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I think he just meant to imply that his ex was ugly, like she looked so bad that the penis actually helped

hate to break it to ya, but your not exactly straight. not normal man.


ok grammar nazi. lol, this would suck. wow, i'd hate to be you right now. but hey, it happens. just keep it a secret ;)

Just because someone is gay or bi doesn't mean they aren't normal. :3

ROFLMAOOOO. nice work.

fuckmyl1f333 0

Why would u admit this?

b/c its fairly anonymous

what yu said :P

Yeah dude hate to break it to you but you aren't straight.

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ehhhhhhh? don't know about that one, you might wanna re think that one

Yep. No guys in the scene, but still penetration. They haven't invented better **** yet...

Haha I never thought of it that way. *goes to find weird *****

They HAVE actually. Almost anything not involving two guys, old ladies, or animals is better than a girl with a penis.

You put a dick on a girl? Somebody needs a life...

celerydancer 0

That's because you want that penis you photoshopped on your ex to be in your mouth.

TorturedXeno 27

Maybe he's into that weird-ass "shemale" stuff...

highonlife77 0

Sorry man you're gay

jrl585 0

mabey it's time for you to come out the closet ?

Maybe you're into shemales? But seriously, it's so messed up that you wanted to Photoshop a penis onto your ex in the first place... O_O She lucky to be rid of you.