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Today, after applying for a job at a tanning salon, I was told they don't hire "naturally tan" people. I'm black. FML
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I would fight it, I don't think they can do that. But then again they sound really stupid. I don't know if you'd want to work for them anyways...


sorry, I get hungry when I tan. *gobbles up the bacon like zoidburg whilst in the tanning bed.*

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Actually that my friend is racism. I usually criticize overly stupid people who sue for nothing but in this situation I would sue that salon out of business.

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The thing is, good luck proving it. They would have zero evidence to prove their case. This kind of prejudice happens with a lot of jobs... i.e. only hiring attractive ladies at certain bars because they sell more drinks, or teenage girls at clothing stores who are required to wear that brand of clothing. They want employees that can represent their product . I'm in no way saying that this tanning place's actions were okay, but they have a right to show off their product I guess.

I might get thumb down for this but I don't really care.... It's their business, they can hire who ever they want for what ever the reasons they want. If I don't like you, I won't hire you. Period.

111- Oh yeah and don't worry about the illegality of it, right?

to poster #111: Haha sure think whatever you think...if it goes against any protected statuses ( stated by Federal law), you might want to consider starting a business (or whatever) outside the States.

I believe that is why we have laws. If you don't use them, what is the point of having them? Some people do sue for stupid reasons, but I'm tired of the stupid American stereotypes.

I find it funny that I'm supposed to hire you just because you apply. nope. If you don't fit to MY business standards and MY business regulations then you won't be hired. If it's MY business, I get to say whom I want to hire. I find it extremely stupid that people think they are entitled to a job just because you think you qualify.

Sure hire who you want, but when it comes to body type and skin even though you're qualified, and they turn you down due to your skin and body type? That's when a line is crossed. You'll feel differently when it happens to you I'm sure.

Skin and body type is important at a tanning salon.. Should fat people be hired as Abercrombie models? They're just as qualified to stand there and wear a product, right? Everyone should be able to be a model, I guess, since having it any other way would be discrimination. If someone runs a business and only hires Canadians, who cares? You have a right to make it public that the salon discriminated against you and you can boycott it along with all your friends, but to sue for this seems absurd to me. Not that I condone what they said, but I don't think it was racist!

Clearly you don't understand the concept of racism

If they're racist, it's their problem. No need to sue them for money just for insulting you. Unless it was physical violence, I don't see how this is sue worthy.

I understand racism just fine; lets look at the definition. Racism: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. None of this belief is exhibited by not hiring someone that will most likely make you less money than someone with free advertisement to the perfect tans you can provide. It's simple economics, why would I hire someone who isn't going to make my company as much money just to be politically correct? Affirmative action is a racist practice that makes no sense in the real world. It might not be fair, but business isn't supposed to be fair. You just have to accept that and find a company that will appreciate all you have to offer. :)

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Does it really matter that much? Do people need a lawyer for every single thing they can be considered racist? What if the person he talked to was just stupid? And what about other people who may lose their jobs because of one big mother coworker?

163- I think it was just a random example. And a rather silly one- what sort of business would only hire Canadians?

161- the point the fml and others here are trying to make is that they turned her away for her skin, which is a load of shit excuse. Let me know when you get turned away for a really petty stupid reason over something you can't control and tell me how it wouldn't piss you off... And if you could sue for racial discrimination, wouldn't you?

177- OP may have been turned away not because of his ethnicity, but purely because of the fact that he wasn't tanned. Just like how Japanese restaurants will usually only hire Japanese people, it would make sense if the manager only wanted certain type of people to work at their store. This could've been just a big misunderstanding

Then please have your fellow American stop acting so stupid...

"Skin and body type is important at a tanning salon.. Should fat people be hired as Abercrombie models? They're just as qualified to stand there and wear a product, right?" The difference is that you can't TELL a person that they aren't fit for a job because they're too fat/too black/a woman/whatever. Plenty of bosses are prejudiced, and plenty of people probably get refused jobs based on how they look. But it isn't hard to say "we found a better candidate" or "you aren't quite what we're looking for". Don't tell a person they aren't the right race/gender/religion/etc for the job. That's just asshole-ish and discriminatory.

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196 - thank you, exactly...the manager is an idiot IMO, he could have just took OP's job application and said "we'll email you or give you a call or something"...then he could've thrown the resume after OP discrimination or racism But to tell a person "we won't hire you because your skin is too black for a tanning salon" is stupid and unwise and opens the door for lawsuits not to mention racist

You would sue them out of business? Because that's fair to the other people who were employed there... How about you just sue whomever was responsible for the bad call?

Maybe the boss could have been less of an ass.. Either way, I stand by the fact that if you don't meet a business standard, then if they don't hire you just move on. If they are an ass to you, then you probably wouldn't want to work there anyway. Some businesses just need a certain type of people. Like in our family restaurant we don't hire anything but Hispanics because we are a Mexican restaurant who gets mostly Hispanic customers. Plus it's family owned and mostly everyone only speaks spanish so it would be pointless to hire someone who can't communicate with their boss. We won't insult you for not being a certain race, we'll accept your application, we just won't hire you.

Stfu about sue this sue that grow the fk up this is the real world put your big boy/girl pants on. Tired of people acting like everything in this world needs to be handed to them.

Jesus you guys don't get it! Here, ill provide an example: my own work place. If you aren't a girl, cute, flirty, tall/nice body, you don't get to work there as a server. I'm 5'2 130lbs and curvy, I'm not a tall stick like the rest of the girls I work with. My bestfriend who has the same body type as I, over heard our boss saying "some of the girls need to do squats". If I get fired because he decides the next tall girl that walks in to apply is better for his business, I could take him to court. You're right, I shouldn't have things handed to me, but I shouldn't be stripped of them for BULLSHIT reason either.

You idiot. The point isn't that they didn't like the OP for business reasons, it's that they were racist.

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134- why the **** should 'fat' people not be hired as Abercrombie models? Go **** yourself, asshole.

I would fight it, I don't think they can do that. But then again they sound really stupid. I don't know if you'd want to work for them anyways...

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So who do they hire? Naturally pale white people like me?

No they have a special work program for oompa loompas

In that case, they definitely wouldn't hit me.

I'm confused. Wouldn't they want a naturally tanned person to show how natural the spray tan looks? Does that mean their customers look orange and Jersey Shore like?

I'm pretty sure that's illegal. At least you didn't get the job and get treated less than the other employees, right?

Is that what they call it now? It beats the hell out of being called African American when you're not even from the US. Bothers me to no end.

'American' means you live in the Americas (North/South). Those damn Yankees just call their country 'America' when it's actually called 'The United States'.

I'm Canadian, and I'd rather stab myself in the eye with a blunt knife than call myself American. No offence to Americans, I know there's decent folk down there, but there's only so many "Canada is America's hat" jokes you can take.

26, The US is called the United States of America, because it is part of North American continent (y'know Canada, the US and Mexico). 22 is correct, American means from the continents of North or South America, however, people from the US are typically the only people who refer to themselves as American. It's just simple geography, really.

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I am American and I hate the term too. It makes me sounds like an immigrant, which I am not. My family's been here for hundred of years, and are so mixed up with other races, we hardly qualify as African. It's way too PC.

34- I have Canadian relatives and for the most part they have no problem with Americans. Being the little brother on a continent is probably going to get a few jokes thrown your way. So get a sense of humor or move away eh?

I believe there was actually a study that showed most black people prefer to be called black in reference to their race because being called African American makes it sound like they are a separate kind of American.

Citizens of the USA are aware that there are black people out there that are neither African nor American, right? Do they then just ignore the blackness until they know exactly where the person is from?

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Every time someone tells me they're African American, I take them literally and ask what part of Africa they were born in, it's great fun.

54 - Yes, which is why only overly PC dumbasses say "African American" any longer.

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Also, African American implies that the person is from Africa. Not all black people are African!

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Many people were born in Africa and now live in the U.S. but are hardly "African-American". Caucasians from South Africa, Egyptians, people of other nationalities and cultures whose parents just happened to be in Africa when they were born, etc.

Hey Canada is awesome. Canada is the only country to successfully invade the USA. In case you were wondering, it was the war of 1812.

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African American was used because of all the races, blacks were the only ones really referred to with out a continental home. When People refer to Italian-American, Irish-American, Polish-American, etc. everyone knew where the historical heritage was from. When you're black, you just black and you didn't come from anywhere except multi-generational slavery.

74 actually that's not true ... Japan invaded a few islands of the Alaskan island chain in ww2 ... The more you know:) (rainbow flys over my head)

81 - There are plenty of "blacks" whose families were never enslaved. People say "black" because not all blacks are African or American (my brother-in-law, for example).

Its so ironic how this thread was made on MLK day.

98- It was coincidental. Not ironic. I apologize for my prudishness, but the incorrect use of ironic bothers me to no end.

82 I just checked online, and you are correct. I still think Canada is awesome though. Have a great day, and thanks for the new info. :3

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@85. I know that. platypus. I'm talking about the common perception, not facts (De Jure vs De facto)

In the UK we just say 'coloured' to describe a black person because some find it offensive. Which can mean anything from a slight tan to very dark skin.

150- Well, I wouldn't call a black person "coloured" over here in North America... XD

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Really? The only people in the UK who I hear say "coloured" to describe a race other than White were very old people. In the UK I've mostly heard people say "Black" and "Asian."

I just have to add a few things about all this labeling. Why do we need to define or label a person by the color of their skin? We all have the same color blood running through us. And most of us eat, piss and shit the same. If we all looked at a person's character instead of their skin, this would be a far better world indeed.

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I agree. I to have a dream that someday my children will not be judged by the color of their skin, but the content of their character.

From the UK myself - I'd prefer to be called black than coloured. Whenever people use the term "coloured", it sounds like they're trying too hare to be PC.

I'm a African first then a American second I'm proud of me I know where I came from I know where I'm going

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Ikr? And people always think calling us black is racist.

Just imagine working there with people like that..... *shudder*

Even if you were tanned what's the big whoop. They sound like morons.

She's not tanned.. She's black.. They basically didn't hire her because of her race..

Even not hiring someone for being naturally tan seems like discrimination. You can't control the tone of your skin, regardless of what race you are and judging someone off of that is just bullshit.

Yes, I got that. But in any case it doesn't mean they shouldn't hire someone who's tan.

It would be false advertising on their part no matter how much someone tans they'll never get as dark as you

yes but the people working there don't necessarily have to use their products (although people might expect it). However this is very much illegal and is discrimination. It is like someone refusing to hire a male as a shop assistant in a lingerie shop.

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They do that, and it has been ruled legal for the "safety and peace of mind" of shoppers. Anti discrimination laws rarely apply to white males, that's not how they're written.

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Wow 8, that's REALLY racist. False advertising because of her skin color? I think I need an aspirin after reading that comment.

RedPillSucks 31

That's like going into a store that has a "White Sale" and being pissed off because they weren't selling any white people. For those non-US commenters, a white sale is a marketing gimmick where a store has a short discount period to get people into the stores to buy stuff.

How is this racist? It was a joke with no hate in-mind.

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Please tell me you pulled the "It's cause I'm black" card

Really 31? Nobody cares on his thread that you posted the same thing after him. Keep it on your thread where it is relevant. On your topic salty, I personally hate when someone plays the race card for most reasons, but here, their excuse was, "we don't hire people with skim like yours". I don't care what race you are, that is discrimination.

62 you don't hire ppl with the same skim? That's milk discrimination!!!

no! of course I don't! I enjoy milks of all fat content! its those damn tanners who don't...

I actually pictured the dad from Fairly Odd Parents (the guy in 10's picture), using that quote and it made me giggle. :p

Relax, I'm black also. Just tell them well I can give tips on how to get an all over "tan" look and how to keep it forever.