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Today, even though I made the point of tanning naked, I still got tan lines thanks to my fat rolls. FML
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OP willy wonka wants you back at the factory.

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If OP ate gum and instantly blew up in size then your comment would have gone well.

I just got a mental image of OP tanning naked, my mind is now completely ******

Just use bronzer so just your facw is tan and you dont have to feel embarrasses

I am trying to understand what this idiot is trying to say, can someone please help me?

It's actually very rude to call someone an idiot. You're no more intelligent than anyone. We all have the same brain capacity. So you shouldn't come on here to subtly idolize yourself by insulting people. It just shows how insecure you are.

This coming from someone who admits to being naive and stupid

I say I'm naive and stupid because. The first step to wisdom is admitting stupidity. Every human being is stupid and every human being is intelligent.

Sure, I can agree with that. I just wish that sometimes people would use their intelligent side more often

And I really wish people could show some humility and respect sometimes. But we can't always get what we want can we?

you just contradicted yourself. and we do NOT all have the same brain capacity. that's why we measure IQ.

IQ is not the measure of brain capacity. All humans have the same brain capacity of 1400 ccs.

IQ tests are a measure of thinking skills. Not brain capacity.

Margie is right, IQ is a measure of general intelligence not brain capacity

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-54 WTF, 1.sure average humans have the same brain capacity but that doesn't mean everyone necessarily uses the same amount of their brain. 2.You just contradicted yourself by saying all humans are stupid and intelligent. 3.You sound as if your saying, a NASA engineer is just as smart as an Idiotic bum.

"All humans are Intelligent and all human beings are stupid". It's actually a famous quote.

101- a NASA scientist and a homeless man are capable of accomplishing the same thing. It's just that people make different choices in life.

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Wow 54- you are the epitome of stupid, I'm surprised you can read

Quote from who? Actually some people are born smarter than others, look at Einstein

Einstein actually had a learning disability. :)

I'm the epitome of stupidity? You're no more intelligent me.

He had a learning disability in writing. He was still the most intelligent person ever. Want another example look at Newton. Neither him nor Einstein got to be as smart as they were by studying, they were born way more intelligent than the average person, and hence they accomplished way more than the average person

People aren't BORN intelligent. They BECOME intelligent by acquiring knowledge.

Epitome means an example of something. Like the very derivative of something. Please enlighten me of your definition. :)

OP if your weight is bothering you do something about it, like exercise and eat healthy, and if that doesn't help (which it should) go to doctor. Some people have problems losing weight. To the people fighting about a few stupid misspellings (that have nothing to do with the fml): please shut the f*** up. I mean that in the nicest way possible. You're wrecking everyone's fml experience with you fight.

Some people are born intelligent, some people aren't, it's just a part of life

127 raises a good point. I am bored of arguing with you and I'm sure everyone else is too, Margie PM me if you want to continue this argument, otherwise I'm out

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-119 You just contradicted yourself AGAIN by saying people aren't born intelligent they acquire knowledge to become intelligent, meaning that someone who has acquired much knowledge such as a NASA engineer,doctor,scientist, etc has more intelligence than said bum, hobo,mcdonalds employee,etc.

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Also theres that 12 year old kid who is tutoring college students in quantum physics. Margie youre saying that i couldve done that but was just too lazy to study it? No. He can losten to a song twice then play it perfectly on the piano after finding the right keys in just a few minutes. Our brains are wired differently. Im profficient in language and numbers. But not arts. We do not all have the same capacity.

132/133-I couldn't agree with you more, Margie is absolutely wrong in saying that everyone has the sane brain capacity. I am accelerated two years in math but I can't write an essay worth shit. Not everyone is born the same.

All this arguing is making my thumbs hurt. Haha.

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112 just shut the heck up already

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Like me for example I can pick up biology in a blink of an eye. But physics always seems to rape me. But regardless we are all talented.

I just don't think it's right to undermine other people's intelligence. It's actually very disrespectful to say that.

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I think margie knows she's retarded but tries to make herself feel better by saying that everyone is stupid and that being stupid is her choice, but thinks that she is also intelligent because………you know what **** it margie's just retarded.

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Margie- stop commenting, I am sick of seeing your retarded comments on my screen

Intelligence is an inherent property from ones parents. A person cannot simply get smart if they wanted, maybe a bit more knowledgeable but not smarter.

Everyone's IQ will drop if they read all of this.

Haha I actually find this conversation absolutely humorous. Because various scientists agree that we are all born with the same intelligence capacity.... So I really don't get what in the blazes you guys are talking about. As endearing it is that you guys have several (humorous) opinions on this subject matter. I'll stick to the scientific facts. But I really admire your spirit

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Guy **** it she's from Canada we all know how stupid Canadians are!?jk but seriously she even calls herself stupid and naive. What an idiot

If you're arguing over FML about something totally irrelevant to the actual FML, you're an idiot in my book.

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Am I the only one who agrees with her? I guess everyone is being mean to OP because they're JUST LIKE HER and trying to make themselves feel better. Even though she posted this on FML, stop being so rude. It wasn't a good choice to post it, but some of these comments are TOTALLY out of line. You should all grow up. Beached whale? Really? How would you like someone calling YOU names for something you did?

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CC is a measure of volume. Thoughts arent measured in volume.

For all the people calling her retarded just shut the **** up, at least she id trying to debate her point in an intelligent and non ofensive way, which i find a lot better comparing to your ramblings. For margie, actually all humans get the electric impulses through the brain at the same speed, that is why they say we have the same brain capacity, but there are new found proofs, that there are several intelligences( yes it's in plural) in a person's brain, some are more advanced than others, thus explaining the dificulties and strong points in some areas. Every person uses a diferent amount of their brain, although the average is about 5%, people that use a bigger amount of their brain are considered more intelligent, because they can process more amounts of information faster by using alternate ways. A person cannot become more intelligent by learning something, they just start using the information they've learned together with their respective intlligence for their own benefit or the benefit of others. Ohh and your saying speaks about how everybody is born intelligent, but only a few take advantage of it So yes you are right and wrong at the same time. Hope the info helped

-145 u piss me off and I don't even know u. and ur stupid btw..and obviously loosing this fight with all these ppl

145- u piss me off and i don't even know u. ur obviously loosing this fight against like 5 people so just shut ur damn mouth and stop fighting back.

It's funny cus you sound like an idiot now that you said it :7

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It won't let me thumb down 176 because his comment was too long lol

People are definitely not all equally intelligent and stupid. People are born with The same brain capacity for intelligence, yes, but you have to gain intelligence throughout life and many people have harder times with it than others. Take for example one of my nieces, who learned her colors within her second year, and my other niece who is turning 5 and still can't get a hang of it. Saying nobody is smarter nor stupid is like saying that a highschool dropout is as smart as somebody whose been to college and got their doctorate. Also, some people are born with learning disabilities which can harshly affect their brain capacity and ability to comprehend certain material.

Guys stop being so mean to her gawsh she's right.

Sorry I accidentally pressed send damn iPod. Heres what i meant to write... Ha I love how all of margies comments have either been buried or they're on their way to being thumbed down enough. And Margie sure you may have a point (no matter how idiotic) but if you have taken even two seconds to get to know this site even ur underdeveloped little naive brain could understand that this is not the audience you want to be Its mental equality and manners to.

O and also human head sizes differ so we do not all have the same brain capacity even tho size has nothing to do with intelligence.

Preaching... Not its.. i really hate this iPod keyboard.

Actually einstine's brain was 15% larger than the average human size..

Didn't Einstein say something along the lines of: "Everyone is a genius, but when you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, it will live it's life believing that it's pretty stupid."

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I cannot believe I just wasted my time reading that whole argument but it was a funny minute i spent lol

It's alright OP, the chemo will make you drop the weight once you get melanoma.

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Honestly, I didn't thumb Margie down for being wrong. I thumbed her down for being an arrogant, holier-than-thou blowhard. If so many scientists agree with you, Margie, you should have no problem citing a study for me. If you can't, don't go around acting like your opinion is more important than the opinions of everyone else around you.

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because im an idiot, im going to throw in my 2 cents here... stupidity is the lack of the ability to acquire and apply knowledge. thats completely different to being ignorant, which is when someone is devoid of knowledge. if you believe everyone is capable of the same level of intelligence and it all comes down to choice then that would be an example of ignorance. also, as far as being rude goes, internet language and real world language are very different. harsher words are used to convey the emotion that is usually present in real world discussion. but even then, pointing out the obvious is not always a bad thing.

Tanning is stupid plus why tan especially naked if your that fat no disrespect but know one is gonna see you naked

189 just made my ******* day, props to you

Finally! Someone on here that's not a total asshole!!

My point is still valid whether you were talking to me or not...

perhaps this isn't the right site for you?

176- You are a retard. That is a myth that people only use 5-10% of their brains. Obviously you know nothing about neuroscience. The majority of the brain is used for life maintaining processes (I.e. Breathing, circadian rhythm, and the rest of the sympathetic nervous system). Only a small portion of the brain is ever not being used at a given time.

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Thank you finally someone understands it! No I'm not a doctor nor a neurosurgion. In actuality I suck at biology, however, even I know that we use all 100% of our brain. I think the 5-10% comment only applies to the conscious use of the brain. Because I know that I don't sit here and tell my heart to beat or my body to sweat or my stomach to digest and absorb nutrients. the 5-10% is muscle coordination basically. That and attempting to learn and yet even then we do that unconsciously because we don't store it in a specific nook or cranny in our brain.

We have IQ tests to show them. For instance, Albert Einstein= big brain. Yours= a pea.

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fat rolls can easily be removed: you just need a sharp knife and lots of alcohol!

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Margie has simply made herself look stupid and has just dug herself into a bigger hole by trying to fix it (terrible attempt if you ask me). The way our brains work and are wired are how we become smarter. The fact that we have the same brain capacity doesn't mean crap when it comes to our ability to learn and out desire to learn. I think Margie should just drop this argument because she's not going to EVER win

Using the word retarded to describe another person indicates that you do not have much in the way of knowledge or sensitivity.

261- I may not be sensitive but I sure as hell don't lack knowledge

Your wrong. Stephen Hawking is the mist intelligent man known. Albert Einstein was very smart, although.

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Omg Margie, shut up, you're a women therefore your argument is invalid

Xtra_Cheddar 3

And 176, who gives a flying f**k? It's an argument, so keep your freaking life story short and to the point

im really sorry :/ but atleast u still got somewhat of a tan!!!!

Actually pretty sure Hawkings theories have been discredited or proven wrong on space and time? Einstein brought a lot more to America than hawkings. Einstein wrote the letter that warned us about Germany and their attemps at an atomic bomb. hawkings is just a pissed off atheist.

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OP is so fat she's got more rolls than a bakery!

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Why would OP tan naked, usually over weight people dress in clothes that cover most of their body except for arms and legs, right. So a whole body tan would be pointless, idk.

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OP deserves it for being a ******* beached whale

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Let me get this straight... you're morbidaly obese AND you use tanning beds? that's a deadly combo right there

Sun_Kissed18 25

You don't have to be morbidaly obese to have rolls. You also don't have to use a tanning bed to tan naked. A large, private back yard, for example, would allow someone to tan naked.

Are you trying to be funny, if so you are failing pretty hard

your mom didn't think I was failing hard last night

or that you were hard at all... It's funny how often "YDI for being too fat" is the answer to OP. She also deserves it for worrying about tan lines that NO ONE WOULD WANT TO SEE ANYWAYS.

saIty 17

Watch out if you get burned. People might confuse you with a giant strawberry.

so stop being fat and change your life

Here's an idea, get your lazy ass off FML and lose some weight

Agreed. Perhaps instead of being fat and lazy and laying around tanning, you could go for a run and get some sun that way. YDI for being fat

Pretend you did it on purpose to look like a tiger :)

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Could do that, but unless OP is Snooki, I don't think her tan would be orange...

100 bucks that 90% of the people thumbed up cuz they think this girl is hot

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Harsshh. Your standards must be way too high. Lower em, you ain't gonna get a supermodel.

I'm a (straight) chick and I thumbed it up cuz I thought her comment was funny (and partially because ur comment pissed me off)

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you never know with girls who take pics at extreme angles

Gee thanks guys, so from checking FML today I learned that I'm ugly and take pictures at extreme angles. Girls love hearing that.

Maybe you should start exercising instead of tanning