By Anothermoose - 26/05/2014 03:34 - United States - Victorville

Today, I went to a concert with my girlfriend. Turns out that bouncers don't think it's a problem for girls to go up on stage and make out with the musicians. FML
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That's ex girlfriend material I'd say.

MusicianS? Well, now you know her true colours...


That's ex girlfriend material I'd say.

What band was it? I actually really want to know!

They are bouncers, no wonder OP got bounced by the musicians. At least the music was good, i hope

37, what do you mean? Did you even read the FML?

ex gf i hope, for sure. you don't want to end up with herpes or some other funny disease. and since you witnessed that, I'm wondering what you haven't witnessed. maybe go get tested just in case.

he never said if one of the girls is his girlfriend

Do you have any reading comprehension skills? He said girlfriend, you twat.

i think what 93 meant was that OP didnt specify on if the girlfriend went on stage. but if she didnt, this probably wouldnt be an FML.

MusicianS? Well, now you know her true colours...

Wow. she's easy. Ditch her and bounce off.

#3 I don't know why your comment got down-voted at first as it was very cleverly-written, but it sure made a strong recovery!

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#36 if I was with someone yeah I would say no...

Looks like you are gunna be free of a disrespectful gf. Hope you are okay :(

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Well not a problem to the bouncers but a one hell of a problem to you. dump her mate

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Yeah, why are you blaming the bouncers again?

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Atleast now you know that she's not worth it OP.

havent you heard the phrase "sex drugs n rock n roll" ?

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Ah but what if the concert wasn't rock? What if, for example, it was a full scale classical orchestra?

48- You didn't know how the oboe player kissed. With a pronounced overbite, and he speaks with a lisp. You got his appliance, you got his yolo, While the clarinetist played an awe-inspiring solo. My, my, my, you're once bitten, twice shy, baby.

Your username says it all. Next time try a more gentle animal, like a deer, instead of a moose. FYL.