By Banana_Lord - United States - Santa Cruz
Today, I saw the script for the end of year assembly skit I'm forced to participate in. Looks like on my last day of high school, I'll be running around in a rainbow unicorn costume in front of my entire high school and their parents. FML
Banana_Lord tells us more :
Hi, OP here. I guess I should explain this a little better. On the last day of school, we have a big awards assembly and then hand out yearbooks at the end. Our yearbooks always have a theme and the people in charge do a little skit at the end of the assembly. Our theme this year is fairy tales, thus the unicorn costume (our mascot isn't a rainbow unicorn lol). I'm editor in chief so I can't just back out, and the other people involved are really excited about the skit, so I'd hurt their feelings if I told them how stupid I think it is. I ended up trying to get out of it by telling them I couldn't make it to the rehearsal, but they just switched my part to the narrator. Not quite what I was hoping for, but at least I don't have to do anything embarrassing. You guys' comments made me laugh, and for all the people who said they would love to dress up as a unicorn, to each their own I guess!
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  \  |  28

*WITH a bang. "In a bang" sounded delightfully obscene. :3

  DawnofDark  |  15

I agree, I would probably be a bit frustrated at first for getting the part then I would probably embrace my inner unicorn and play the part like my life depended on it!

  brettrb  |  18

Such good advice. High schoolers worry too much about what others think. They need to just have fun and not care who's watching because one day it'll all be a distant memory.