By now what - 26/7/2020 05:01

Family extension

Today, I ran into a friend that I hadn't seen in about 5 years. She had her 4-year-old son with her. I couldn’t help but notice her son looked almost identical to mine. He even had a very distinct facial feature that my husband has as well. What are the odds all three of them have the same defect? FML
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By  nyg8  |  9

honestly? the odds are pretty high. please remmber that the kids looking alike is pretty unlikely in general even if he WAS the father to both, so basically your question is :" what are the odds some kid would have the same facial deformity as my husband "(since your kid has it due to your hubby, so they aren't uncorrelated events). Hardly evidence of infidelity if you ask me.


Tf do you mean siblings don’t look alike? There’s a thing called dominant genetics, if his traits happen to be dominant they’re very likely to look similar. Also, genetic defects can be rather unique.

By  KingAdrock  |  16

We need more info for this to be a FML. A big question is: how long have you been married? The chance he has another child is one thing, him having another child because he cheated on you is world's different.