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Today, I went to a concert with my boyfriend. I was repeatedly ass-grabbed, grinded on and hit on by guys. My boyfriend's response was, "As long as they continue to bring you free beer, let them get a little feel of what they are paying for." FML
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at least they find you attractive. and you get free beer!


imagine what you could get for a *******

that's not even kinky. that's just wrong! what is he? a coward? let them feel what they're paying for? what a douche!

I would say he was nice, too. He's giving you solid advice on how to keep the beer coming. Beer is good!!!

rallets 22

beer is good!! beer is good!! and stuff!! lets go drink some beeeeeeeer!!!! beer!! beer beer beer beer !!!

MizzErikaHart 8

getting pimped out for beer. sad, fyl op.

Well OP can stand up for herself. She doesn't need her BF to defend her all the time. Still, FHL.

If she doesnt like it she can tell them to piss off. In reality she isn't cheating, she's saving money on alcohol and she's getting told how hot she is. Lucky girl if you ask me!

I don't really understand what is expected. I mean yeah, a guy should defend his girl and himself, but in a crowd at a concert and with the way people are these days, saying something to them would probably start a huge fight. I personally would say something, but all these comments I see from other guys that are like "Oh yeah sweet boyfriend. If I was your boyfriend I'd hit them in the face." Yeah. Good luck when 20 other guys join in.

From experience I can tell you that it can be difficult to 'defend' yourself if you're just a girl. I once was riding a bicycle when a teenage boy grabbed my ass. I showed my anger on a decent way (a very small girly slap) and told him I wasn't interested, but he kept asking my name and whether I wanted to have sex with him. There I was, all alone on the road with some young pervert who didn't had any manners, and boy, did I wish my boyfriend was there. An angry man is way more scaring for ass-grabbing guys than an angry woman. Besides, it wasn't one dirty man, it were plenty of them. OP's boyfriend could just glance angry at them to make them stop, but noooo, he didn't care at all that his girlfriend felt humiliated. Or it was a joke. I hope it was, otherwise he's pathetic.

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107 get a life, desperate women, learn to love yourself :) inappropriate attention is NOT flattering.

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total Win:) unless they were old or ugly then that would be a loss

fthislyfe 22

dump him and date one of those who give you free beer. they might be nicer than this asshole

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princess09 3

Hmmmm getting paid with beer exchange for a cop and feel. Sounds like your being something that rhymes with crostitute. Btw you should of told the guys your bf is getting a little jealous with all the attention your getting and would also love some beer. Then start singing yes he likes it " what, what"? I said "in the butt" lol

Obviously you don't comprehend sexual harassment when you read about it.

sylverdrag_fml 9

Reading between the lines, the OP accepts free beers from random guys when she is out with her boyfriend. And then she plays at being upset at the reactions of the guys she teases. Girl, wake the hell up, you are the one causing this.

76? how does sum1 grab ur ass while you are in a bicycle? u wud just ride past them?

64. Lucky girl? So you're saying that you would like guys to disrespect you and your body, and call you hot, while you've got a boyfriend, just to get free alcohol? Hmm. That's a bit trashy if you ask me.

so what? you get free stuff and u get ur ass massaged and complimented. that's a win win. I would let a chick hit on me for free beer anyday I'd feel lucky. it's not like she's having sex with them she's letting them be the horndogs they are and using them for free beer. welcome to every club in existence.

'76? how does sum1 grab ur ass while you are in a bicycle? u wud just ride past them?' I was riding when suddenly, out of nowhere, I felt someone grab my ass. I watched to my left, and there was that creepy kid riding his bicycle with a creepy smile on his face. So, he rode past me.

askmeaboutmyDGD 2

I would've been pissed if my b.f said that to me! -_-

i HATE people like 76! 'just a girl' people like you should be thrown off a cliff, or a bridge, or anything that would make a nice fall. maybe it would knock some sense into your ****** up head. people like you are the ones who screw up society. learn to respect yourself, and if that's to hard for you, than at LEAST learn to respect other women who don't appreciate being degraded.

I'm sorry 238 your comment made absolutely no sense... 76 was standing up for girls. Believe what you want about people being thrown off cliffs but you sir/madame need glasses. that is all.

televishun 7

being catcalled, harassed, assaulted and groped in a public place, which is often called flattering or "a compliment" is actually not at all flattering. that was the point she was trying to make.

at least they find you attractive. and you get free beer!

who doesnt like being touched up for beer?

yougotapes 7

aw well always look at the bright side... free beer :)

borichick1 0

So you're getting felt up by strange men but on the bright side you get free beer. yea that's great -.-

CobraKitNu 7

Free beer is always a good thing. Always.

The best beer out there is free beer! just think of the money you're saving yourself and your boyfriend! I know the last concert I went to beer was $8!

bballsoccerrocks 7

you must look okay to be hit on like that

haha that's what I thought :) either that or she has a nice chest/ body :)

Dreamkiller51 5

I'll give u a free beer if u let me grab your ass OP

sweetcheeksjvl 0

should've given them "the face".I'm so sorry OP that you were repeatedly dancefloor raped..I mean you did get free beers though.:/

at least he's not taking videos of it and selling them online

or he is not sending you his own **** he made w his exs.

chuck1986 0

Agreed. Preferably one that doesn't try to pimp you out for beer.

Blackmail111 9

That man is a wise man who does it like a baoss he may just turn up being greater than einstein

why would you take a beer from a complete stranger? and why not stand up for your self boyfriends not going to be there forever...

Likely because they were near the front of the stage and didn't wanna leave to get their own beer. You must be a 90s generation dbag kid with that comment that thinks everyone roofies peoples drinks.

Wow 18, that last comment fell waaay out of bounds, how did you arrive at such a conclusion? She was empathizing with the OP, not saying that she should just be glad she got beer like these other idiots.

sourgirl101 28

18, are you kidding? People put shit in people's drinks all the time. Especially, if they see an attractive girl that is not getting defended by her boyfriend. Just because you wouldn't dare spike someone's drink doesn't mean there aren't sic fuks that wouldn't do it. I've seen too many crazy things at concerts to openly trust strangers.

I completely agree :) I don't take drinks from people who are mad at me - LOL xD

actually they don't, do some research. drugging people's drinks has significantly decreased in rate since 2001.

It may not have decreased as much as you think. For example: if a girls drink gets spiked at a party, and she gets raped she often won't report it. Why? Because victims often feel like it's their fault, a feeling that is supported by friends and family who say, "How could you let this happen? You never leave your drink unattended, or take drinks from a stranger." It probabably has decreased some, but on this subject numbers gathered from police reports almost always lie.

livelaughcheer_2 2

who WOULDN'T take FREE beer from a complete stranger? saves you money and gets you in your happy place:)

People think it's their fault they were raped? That's a stupid conclusion that only encourages rape if the victim isn't going to report it.

You'd be surprised how many rape victims are told that it's their fault. Also, the criminal justice system isn't very kind to them. They have to retell what happened to them in detail many times over in front of a crowded court room. Also, I think it's sad that we're saying that them being afraid to report it "encourages" rape. Shouldn't we instead be teaching people that it's wrong, so there will be less victims?

televishun 7

actually, victim blaming is all too common in our society. What's usually the first thing you hear when a so-called "promiscuous" female, or a female who dresses "provocatively" is raped? Unfortunately, it's usually along the lines of "she never should have dressed like that", or " she was asking for it with that skirt". There are several cases that are either still in the media or just got out of the limelight. Take the french politician accused of raping a maid in a new york hotel for example ..... French newspapers are now accusing the maid of "luring" him into it, asking why a MAID doing HER JOB would ever enter a hotel room alone. It's a very common problem, which is why many rapes go unreported and why many rape survivors never report their assaults.

beachchick9498 5

nice boyfriend. a real gentleman u got there!

exactly, guys now a days have no respect for their women smh

MissFukMyLuck 0

it could work as population control, but as we see here ladies seem to lower their standards, have sex with just about any one, and have been told the 'dumb ditzy girl' attitude gets you respect and money. omg! like the kardasians!! like totally know what I mean girls?!?! our generation is doomed to mediocrity.

Mediocracy? This generation is dismal, doomed to a future of failure.

Mediocracy, an average, unimpressive philosophy of government?

salvorican 24

Wow.. You can tell how much he loves u..

Are you relying on your man to defend your honor? What is this, 1492? If you don't like it, how about you stand up for yourself like a big girl.... just a thought.

I totally agree with you. If it really truly bothered her she could have said something herself

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

She should stand up for herself but if he was a good boyfriend he would, at the very least, care that other men were touching her without her permission.

I agree with you Mikala - and ur very pretty! I'm jealous i wanna be that pretty xD

Yes, but she was relying on him to stand up for her. By the sound of the situation as described by her, I would have done the same as her boyfriend, and my boyfriend would have done the same to me. If it offended her this greatly, she needs to make it more known that she was offended by standing up for herself.

awsm44 0

you're right. who really wants a man who treats them with respect? you're an idiot 11

Thank you awsm44. I have a man who loves and respects me, while I know MY man doesn't share well and would have kicked some ass if I was the OP, clearly her boyfriend cares a little less, so she should have the ability to defend herself. But you're right, men will rise again and us bitches really should just stfu. I think it should start with you. :) Have a nice day.

awsm44 0

cleary you're STILL an idiot. YOU have a nice day moron

My boyfriend probably would have defended me, but talked to me afterwards about learning to stick up for myself. I think that's what most guys would do.

BigHoshJosh 0

you're also a douche! (no offense, I'm just saying...)

btw bighoshjosh your not. you just say what's on most guys mind.

not a douche but he has an amazing profile pic