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Do you live in Springfield?

Hours you say? She can blow my whistle anytime


Do you live in Springfield?

Get her Taco Bell and say you found it.

crazy old cat ladies probably have Way more fun than you teenagers, with your weed, crack, roofies, e, and shrooms

whatever old man

Cat lady doesn't know anything. She should just shake a bag of Temptations.

tell her to stop being a lazy annoying bitch and go look for the damn thing

Hours you say? She can blow my whistle anytime

Damn cougars. The poor thing was only searching for her little kitty.

dude she's and OLD cat lady

Paper bags work nicely ;)

You are still a sick and disgusting person...

You have a picture of a toddler peeing. I was kidding of course. IDK what you're excuse is

JacobT (hey, that's my first name and last initial too), you are President of FML Comments as of this thread!

She's practicing her blowing.

well, did she find it?

Don't go outside. She may throw cats at you or shoot them out of an elaborately made cannon.

nanananananananannanananannanaanaa CAT MANNNN!!!!

I hope she wasn't stroking her pussy at the same time!

c'mon, I'm sure we all read this fml hoping she was though (vomit)

hold the "cat" u "stole" for ransom and make her stop blowing her wistle :)

that was a stupid "comment" that you "made".

lol. whatever I think it's genius. trade the "cat" for the whistle, and when she gives the whistle destroy it and tell the truth. "I didn't steal your cat, you were just annoying the hell out of me!" lol.

as soon as she gets the cat she will stop blowing anyway, so your plan fails

Get her a man so she can blow something else.

Pop her some roofies. They're sure to shut her up, and you can do lots of fun until she wakes up. It's a win-win situation.

**have not do

That is incredibly you have experience with that?

You took that seriously ... Wow.

Dress up in a cat suit and make her day. if you are lucky she might die of excitement. problem solved.

Nooo, that poor cat!

that damned Rosie O'donnel probably ate it. what a menace...