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Today, I went to a concert. One of my favorite bands was performing, and I'd had the ticket for seven months, with a great seat for the show. It was all going perfectly, that is until a guy twice my height sat in front of me. FML
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You should be standing at a concert instead of sitting anyways.

I feel your pain, OP. This always happens to me when I'm in the movie theaters. It's like, "yay, I found a good seat!" then a human giraffe decides to sit in front of you! D:


This is funny, ?

You should be standing at a concert instead of sitting anyways.

Why is there not a #1 comment? If they deleted it wouldn't it just say "user deleted their comment"?

If they both stand, he's probably still gonna be a buttload bigger than the OP anyway.

Or at least get front row seats if you get them 7 months in advance.

I hate it when people expect you to sit down cause they won't stand up.

I guess they didn't *puts on sunglasses* see that one coming.. No? I'll go drink bleach now..

I told my dad that same thing when I went to see Korn a month before I turned 16. With so much excitement in concerts, who needs chairs?

35- Other way around...

Seats? There's no seats in the mosh pit m/

Yeah I've been to many concerts and you don't sit. It's hard to rock out sitting

psshhh the who sits down when you have a mosh pit/ crowd?!!! unless its a pop band....

21- That's pretty obvious, considering in the FML it says that he sat in front of her, and was double her height. So to take that in consideration if they both stood he would still be taller.

Thank you for repeating exactly what I said. The point is, 1 said you should stand at a concert, if they both stand OP still wouldn't be able to see. (And as to why I said "probably": my sister and I are the same height sitting whereas I'm four inches taller than her standing. It all depends on the leg:torso ratio.)

you should have climbed up on his shoulders. if you never ask then you won't get. he might have been up for it.

You should of called him a fat head and started a riot!

This. I wouldn't actually ask to get on his shoulders (kinda odd!) but ask him to switch seats with you. I've asked if I could get in front of people before because I'm so short, and 95% of the time they're great about it! Of course there's the off-chance he'll tell you to fuck off, but if so (and it's not stadium seating - be safe) stand on your chair! Or stand in the aisles. I always prefer GA standing room to avoid this issue.

That's why you buy front row...

because everyone has money for that

Everyone always has the good things. Damn you everyone! Why didn't you give thy money to OP? Who ever this "everyone" person is he is a jerk. I had way more people say things about "everyone" person.

Yeah but sometimes the front row is the worst place to be, for example an Oasis concert where people were pushing forward, breaking the barricade between them and the band. Do you really want to be crushed to death by fan girls and fan boys?

At least it's music, not something visual like a movie.

5, concerts are a visual experience, like a movie.

After being front row/near front row in smaller venues at nearly every concert I'd been to, then to go to a huge venue and be right at the back, it really ruined the experience. I just felt like I was listening to a live performance off a cd, and couldn't really connect with the music. Maybe I've gotten too accustomed to being really close, but I'll probably never go to a venue like that again, unless I can get a standing ticket.

I saw TOOL live last year & it was far more visually stimulating than any movie I've ever seen. Concerts are amazing, there's nothing more enjoyable than being right there in the moment.

At least it's not like in movies or shows where there is somebody with a huge hat standing in front of u

I feel your pain, OP. This always happens to me when I'm in the movie theaters. It's like, "yay, I found a good seat!" then a human giraffe decides to sit in front of you! D:

us human giraffes have feelings v__v

18- if you care that much then don't sit in front of people shorter then you and then everyone wins... The short person can see and the human giraffe won't get their feelings hurt

25 - Because in a dark theater you can tell a persons height when theyre sitting? Or at a concert with assigned ticket seating you actually have the option to choose any seat?

This is EXACTLY why I never go to concerts or movies...that and I have no friends.

Maybe he got bored waiting for you to work on the morning wood

This ALWAYS happens to me, but it's when I go to movies. Sorry, OP! :(

You should just accidentally move in front of him. If he is twice the height he should easily see over your head!