By Anonymous - 01/01/2013 10:30 - United States - Wichita

Today, I went to a concert with my girlfriend. Some guy grabbed her ass, and I tried to fight him. I ended up with a concussion and a messed up jaw. Her? Oh, she beat the shit out of him while I was unconscious. FML
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You weakened him up for her, right?

Eh, it's not that bad... at least she didn't up getting hurt and actually defended herself However, I still feel sorry for you OP :(


Eh, it's not that bad... at least she didn't up getting hurt and actually defended herself However, I still feel sorry for you OP :(

Sorry, *end up

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I feel sorry the day op tries to break up with her

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For the longest time I was trying to find your mistake. Funny how your mind fills in the blanks for you.

#30 Your comment changed my life thank you.

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Any guy ass holish enough to grab a random girls ass will hardly give a shit if you tell him to fuck off. Don't know of many douche bags with no regard for personal space who give a fuck about what you say to them in a way that would make him back off.

Idk most douche bags aren't really looking for a fight and are just trying to impress their friends he might have fucked off

You weakened him up for her, right?

Yeah, he got tired from op's face repeatedly hitting his fist.

At least you know she won't kiss someone else at midnight and claim him as a friend. On the other note: You tried, its the thought that counts. Right?

He better hope it counts. Or, she may be someone that actually values strength in a man. or not being dumb enough to pick a fight with a massive bodybuilder. I guess it depends on How big the other guy was and how he actually got knocked out. Considering she beat the crap out of the other guy, i am guessing he wasn't very intimidating.

22- I've beaten larger men and have been beaten by smaller men. It's not always the size of the man in a fight, but the size of the fight in the man. ;)

Did your girlfriend whip the guys you couldnt?

77- Lol, the bulk of my last fights were in a ring with gear on, and my wife cheered for me in both cases of victory and defeat. ;) I think it would have been bad manners if she jumped in and took over for me at that point. ;D

LoL, you could have sold more tickets. Just for the record, if it was true that "it is the size of the fight in the dog, not the dog in the fight", then why have weight classes? I agree, its random when righting someone off the street. However, that does not mean I will ever put money on the little guy. Guess i am not much of a romantic.

At least now you don't need to worry about her, that woman can kick some ass! Just remember not to piss her off...

Hell hath no fury...

While it is sexual assault for someone to grab an unwilling person's ass... I completely understand telling him off for it and possibly reporting it but trying to start a fight over it is really fucking stupid and only is going to escalate the situation.

So let it escalate, cut his hand off and send a message to all other sexual predators.

I am pleased for your girlfriend.

Wow, FYL OP that's really embarrassing. Try to look on the bright side though. At least she was there to back you up so you didn't get hurt more. Look at it as a sign that you have a really nice girlfriend! She could have just cried, but she stood up for you instead.

No she stood up for herself. OP was already unconscious.

This reminds me of the movie 10 Things I Hate About You when Joe Gordon- Levitt tries to fight the guy and Bianca ends up beating him up..girl power!

You probably fucked up his hands real good by using your face. Nevertheless, if you get in an argument with your girlfriend, you'd better be prepared to run.

That is pure satire and we love it, hope that guys okay.

Wow girl power, good on her. Atleast you know she will always have your back

Well your username isn't helping you, OP.

A man can't love cats?

Yeah cats really have nothing to do with Ops martial skills. Have you ever seen those buggers fight. I would much rather face a dog than a cat the same size.

12- I loved My cat until she died of old age, and I don't see how wanting to take care of a pet helps or hurts Op in the context of this posting. ;p I'm not going to think he's more of a real big brawler if he happened to call himself "400 lb Slaughterhouse." ;p

37- I don't see where I said anything about him wanting to take care of a cat? He only likes cats, maybe his fighting skills are as strong as his emotions.