By Dlord357 - 07/11/2011 14:24 - United States

Today, I had to deliver pizza to a nudist colony. I got an eyeful of more than I needed to see. FML
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Epsilonyx 15

I bet their tip wasn't in cash.

I guess there was extra sausage in that order


sikhawk 4

first you jelly?

Epsilonyx 15

I bet their tip wasn't in cash.

DontModMeDammit 10

Would you like some ranch with your sausage pizza?

*cough* "No, sir. There are no anchovies on this pizza. That fishy smell must be something else."

LiyIa_fml 8

If they were attractive why are you complaining? If they wern't...... I'm sorry OP.

I never had a female prizza deliverer.

wow....they have colonies now

Brings a whole new meaning to sausage fest.... Oh wait no it doesn't

I've never had prizza..

Pizza guy: "Yea I have a pizza for Ben Dover" Nudist: ;)

I mean pizza girl

Why the hell do people do that??

As a general rule, nudists are old, fat and ugly. At least on the east coast.

asoptavlo14 6

But on the west coast they are sexy and fine.

37, what do you mean NOW they have nudist colonies? That's what they've always been called..

why is it that most nudists are older?

zbean 0

just like you ODed on tanning....

It's my dick in a box!

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

No no no its Pizza Guy ("Jim"): I got a pizza delivery for a "ranch on ur sausage" Nudist: *poker face*

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

No no no its Pizza Guy ("Jim"): I got a pizza delivery for a "ranch on ur sausage" Nudist: *poker face*

I see what you did there :P

jellitonoctopus 19

32: what does attractiveness have to do with anything?

Today, our pizza delivery guy had clothes on. My children are scarred for life...FML

I guess there was extra sausage in that order

13FTW 9

OP will never see pepperoni in the same light.

It's a good thing u can't get a boner haha,

cjguthrie 8

Yesss hahaha

At least OP can use Obliviate to wipe the experience from her memory.

siickman 7

Dude thts awesome.... Wait mostly guys right? ... Nvm i take it back

leadman1989 15

I'm guessing the problem is that they're old. Old people just don't give a fuck!

siickman 7

Yea lol

Op is a girl...

Yo I think you're a nudist

Hopefully your nickname isn't now Dickeye like that other FMLer.

ohmyhotdogonabun 0

Haha I remember that one

StopDropNRoll 11

No shit it's less than 2 days old

chickenwalrus 14

no it's dlord, as in dicklord.

97-worst comment. Not even funny.....

A bit affective to fml??

Epsilonyx 15

Guys, I think OP's insinuating that they got an eyeful of semen.

I moderated this, and it said "old lady vagina... Ew." I think it got edited before being posted.

One time my taxi driver's name was Semen.

What the hell?

Yeah he was indian

perdix 29

Usually, people in nudist colonies are the people for whom clothing was invented in the first place! I'll bet the OP is not going to be able to look at pepperoni the same way again...or cottage cheese.

Lol can someone say yeast infection? ;D

^ yeast infection.

KiddNYC1O 20

Goat cheeeese.

perdix 29

Not Goatse cheese?

RuskiManBearPig 4

76-perdix, after reading that comment I dub you the king of bosses.

The upside for you is that you get to see free pootang and boobies. The downside for you is that you get to see some dick and balls. Consider yourself semi-lucky/unlucky.

perdix 29

Unless the OP was a lesbian, the upside/downside equation would be reversed. Of course, women don't think it's a treat to see the cocks and balls of disgusting men (otherwise, I'd be a flasher;) )

Just to make things straight...uhm...op is a girl

Which brings us to a girls point of view. You get to see some good male genitalia, or boobies and some pootang. Also it depends if there are some nice looking or old, fat, (etc.) people. But hey it's what you like. ;) Made the correction.

genitalia in a nudist colony is rarely "good"

All the sexy nudists are strippers, the bad ones go here :/

This is why a pizza delivery person is like a gynecologist - they can look all they like, but they can't eat.

If your bi-sexual you get the best of both worlds.

lmao4evah 0

Some ppl need to keep their mouth shut

A-TEEN, stop! Just stop.

An attractive nudist is rare.

Its amazing how the thought of a nudist colony is paradise, but the reality is somewhere between disappointing and disgusting

Your profile pic is sooo mean And sooo friggin hilairious!!!