Romantic move

By soomeone - 16/02/2010 19:28 - United States

Today, I went to the movies with my girlfriend. As I started putting my arm around her, I hit her in the face. FML
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MermaidSongXOXO 6

That's not the way you hit on girls, you know. They don't mean it literally. I guess you got to the punchline of the joke. I'll be here all week, people -_-

sutchy 0

"Oops, I'm sorry, that was a total accident." Problem solved?


MermaidSongXOXO 6

That's not the way you hit on girls, you know. They don't mean it literally. I guess you got to the punchline of the joke. I'll be here all week, people -_-

JojoBrown520 0

im sorry, but that joke was retardiculame. lol boooooo

do20ss 4

u shoulda dotted her other eye. what do u say to a woman with two black eyes? nothin u already told her twice!!!

Justmylife122 0

That suks, she must hav been so pissed lmao

Thunderbender 2

It was funny to me : D

MadaZer0 8

I love you too~

greeneyedgoalie7 0

zero shut up(: round two?

legendarykill13 0

lol good joke. Sounds like they had a great date.=p

@18 lol agreeeeeeeed big time

MF12 0

hey you changed your icon :)

Woodsy007 0


Rediculame huh? Cool.

and then...?

texas_justice 0

...I hope you revived her before the movie started. I hate to miss the beginning of a film...

how can you accidentally punch her in the face?? yeesh... be more careful

That's what Chris brown did

ninja_ness 3

she sacked him

Bam down

way to Chris brown a bitch !

How do you fail on the way to first base?

Two Hundred Fifty Four and eight fifths!

on a scale of 1 to Chris Brown, how mad were you that you had to see Dear John?

Bad pun "Did she said shut up and watch"

And then they prolly laughed it off. wow fuck my life I had an accident! wtf.

lol I get it :)

good job big boy ;)

#1. she smacked him back!!

iSwag 0


bobby brown did it too

Melkezidech 0

Today, at the movies I saw some dude punch his chick across the face. I got hard off of it.......FML.

oogyboogy 6

number 135, there's one of you in every fml... all need to go die in a hole you fucking bastard!!

real smooth ,Romeo

tweetbaby14 18

wouldn't this be your girlfriends fml because she got hit not you unless she hit you in your crotch then this would be for you

I think the FML is that he impulsively abuses his girlfriend

Today at the movies, I saw this guy smack a girl in the face! So being the chivalrous bastard that I am,I went over there and kicked his ass and she went home with me!

pipp360 0


Spoozie 0

and then she yelled "RAPE!" and the secerty guys took him.(:

Billbo23 0

so what? it was an accident big fuckin deal its not like you had a knife in ur fuckin hand

Spoozie 0

#201 I was joking and being sarcastic, take a joke people..gees,sorry for making a joke and for whoever took my sarcasim and joke rude and seariouse.

Spoozie 0

haha - wait..damnn...sorry were u talkin to me? or the OP Idontknow if I read ur comment right #201 haha and oh and people; sorry if my comment I just sent about sarcasim, sorry if it sounded rude...(:

I am now worried this will happen on my date. FML  

No! No and then!

sutchy 0

"Oops, I'm sorry, that was a total accident." Problem solved?

"NO IT WASN'T, LIAR! I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!" "don't you think you're being a bit...." "WHAT? a bit WHAT??!?" "well... dramatic..." "OREAAAALLY?????? I WAS ONLY EVEN DATING YOU TO GET CLOSER TO YOUR SISTER. YEAAAAAH, THAT'S RIGHT" parallel worlds, my friend, parallel worlds.

you made my day, as I sit here in this boring Boring lecture of mine

@9 tht was gold lol..I bet thts how it went down to hahahaha

stinkytruck 0

should have been grabbing at her boob anyway

AngryNinja 1

tell her bloody noses are redder than roses.. and continue the poem. ;)

Ajjas013 6

Roses are red, Violets are blue, I just made your nose bleed, Oh and fuck you, You make me laugh, Because you're a retarded bitch. Did that rhyme?

Ajjas013 6

Comment relocation :/ Please fix the bug soon :)

I think you mean the one that goes: Noses are red, My balls are blue I slept with your sister, But only to get closer to you.

MadaZer0 8

:O Why is she crying!!! Ajjas!!!!! YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!!!

win to RBG!

MadaZer0 8

How the hell did my post end up in the other FML?!

AngryNinja 1

madsss, the comments are fucked up.

MadaZer0 8

Just like the ugly duckling!? NO!!!

Ajjas013 6

I know my comment just up and disappeared. And it was damn funny too! So was RBG's.

Are these the signs of hidden feelings? First she takes the popcorn that YOU bought, then she brings her friend with her to the cinema, expecting YOU to pay for it. How did she not see this coming?

@ fernandotorrrs Go arsenal

fag, no one likes Fernando torres

wow... how'd you manage that?

awe poor you, the world is gonna end

ehh, it happens.

slow and steady man be careful

Icarus_II 0

That's what they all said o_o

hate when tht happens

and then the whole movie was extremely awkward. ..Could she at least see the movie out of the eye that you didn't make black?

purplemnm 9

keep yo' pimp hand strong!