By Sarah - 01/01/2013 15:15 - United States

Today, instead of the traditional midnight kiss, my husband handed me divorce papers. FML
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xxhollilollixx 6

What a cock gargler.

This is a situation when the term "asshole" just isn't quite strong enough.


Uh oh he is going to start a new tradition on New Years. Happy New Years! Now here are the divorce papers. Got to start the New Years off right I guess..

At least he got one of his resolutions done. That's quite admirable in my opinion.

xxhollilollixx 6

What a cock gargler.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Well, that's a new one!

*cock juggling thundercunt

Penis monger.

UncleMuscles 5

Individual of ill manners.

For some reason 2's picture just makes this so much better


I'm sticking to asscandle. God, I love that word.

This is as subjective as it can get.

sperm nugget?

lyskiss 10

Great way to start the year!

I'm sorry for you OP :(

This is a situation when the term "asshole" just isn't quite strong enough.

Asscandle? Asshat? Assfucker? Assbottle?

Ass muncher, Ass strangler, Ass puppet, Ass gremlin.....

Maybe excrement delivery system. :(

perdix 29

#5, that's what adjectives and adverbs are for.

expertsmilee 26

Ass cricket

Fucking ass dick prick

Misskayfoyer 14

Cum guzzling ass muncher?

perdix 29

May I interest you in a 2011 Douchenozzle with dual overhead cams and 9, count 'em, 9 cup holders? It's more powerful than even a 2013 Asshole.

Why is he an asshole?

xSunnyOlivia 17

Oh I'm so sorry. Maybe you're not sorry, maybe he was a dick. Oh shit i'm not very good in these kinds of situations..

Is it just me or does #6 apologize in a lot of her comments?

sometimes life gives you lemons,now it is divorce papers,sucks for you op :(

OP's husband's name is life? That's pretty awesome.

When life gives you lemons, find a kid with a papercut.

I know someone named Leif. It's pronounced as life, though. It's pretty cool, too.

yoursucklives 36

sometimes, you eat the bear, and sometimes, well, he eats you.

When life gives me lemons, I make beef stew.

Just make sure to put those lemons to good use. Lemon grenades perchance

Well, at least you can find someone better now

UltimateGIRness 16

You should have gave him a midnight kick in the balls

UltimateGIRness 16

96- sorry,I didn't notice my mistake