By Sarah - 01/01/2013 15:15 - United States

Today, instead of the traditional midnight kiss, my husband handed me divorce papers. FML
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What a cock gargler.

This is a situation when the term "asshole" just isn't quite strong enough.


Uh oh he is going to start a new tradition on New Years. Happy New Years! Now here are the divorce papers. Got to start the New Years off right I guess..

At least he got one of his resolutions done. That's quite admirable in my opinion.

What a cock gargler.

Well, that's a new one!

*cock juggling thundercunt

Penis monger.

Individual of ill manners.

For some reason 2's picture just makes this so much better


I'm sticking to asscandle. God, I love that word.

This is as subjective as it can get.

sperm nugget?

Great way to start the year!

I'm sorry for you OP :(

This is a situation when the term "asshole" just isn't quite strong enough.

Asscandle? Asshat? Assfucker? Assbottle?

Ass muncher, Ass strangler, Ass puppet, Ass gremlin.....

Maybe excrement delivery system. :(

#5, that's what adjectives and adverbs are for.

Fucking ass dick prick

Cum guzzling ass muncher?

May I interest you in a 2011 Douchenozzle with dual overhead cams and 9, count 'em, 9 cup holders? It's more powerful than even a 2013 Asshole.

Why is he an asshole?

Oh I'm so sorry. Maybe you're not sorry, maybe he was a dick. Oh shit i'm not very good in these kinds of situations..

Is it just me or does #6 apologize in a lot of her comments?

sometimes life gives you lemons,now it is divorce papers,sucks for you op :(

OP's husband's name is life? That's pretty awesome.

When life gives you lemons, find a kid with a papercut.

I know someone named Leif. It's pronounced as life, though. It's pretty cool, too.

sometimes, you eat the bear, and sometimes, well, he eats you.

When life gives me lemons, I make beef stew.

Just make sure to put those lemons to good use. Lemon grenades perchance

Well, at least you can find someone better now

You should have gave him a midnight kick in the balls

96- sorry,I didn't notice my mistake