By lovesucks - 18/12/2009 20:26 - United Kingdom

Today, I realised that the most kisses I ever get are in text messages from my Dad. FML
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Even creepier because you're a guy

Wow. Is he a priest?


how the hell is that creepy?? it's his/her dad.... and they are kisses that come from a caring parent... I'm sure that isn't creepy....

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Well when I would go to school my dad used to tell me "hug and kisses sweet pea" I don't think her dad meant it in a.."I wa kiss you all over way"

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It's creepy because 1) OP is a guy and 2) Its his dad!! Guys army supposed to be telling their sons kisses in a text message..

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Wow. Is he a priest?

How do you get kissed in a text message? I don't think that counts..

Even creepier because you're a guy


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx do you feel special now?!

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Those are hugs O's are kisses.

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hahaha FAIL

No, X's are got it backwards

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Actually x is kiss and o is hug. It goes back to medieval times when people who couldn't spell their names signed with an x, and then they kissed it to seal the deal. You can look it up if you want.

Well at least your dad loves you!

Your pic must become my new desktop background xD

at least daddy loves you

Stop being a whiny bitch and maybe some girls will find you more interesting!

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I hope he's slipping you some tongue in those kisses! PS: I realized they are text messages and the OP is a dude.