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Today, I met a hot guy at a club and we really hit it off. We went back to his place and we got down to business. After, I noticed he had an iPod Touch on his nightstand. I complimented him on it and he responded with, "Yeah, my girlfriend gave it to me as an anniversary present." FML
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It's just's his fault...not yours

Why would you complement him on his ipod touch, if it was like an iPhone signed by a famous person a could see it, but come on


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It's just's his fault...not yours

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I agree with 11. **** who you want, but anyone with common sense should realize the risks of one night stands. YDI. Not because you caused the cheating, but because you consider it such a surprise...are you really shocked that someone who you knew for a few hours could be capable of cheating? This could have all been avoided if you waited more than a night

YDI for being a *****. God hates harlots like you, filthy sinner. THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELLS YOU!

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I lol'd #32 And I have to agree it's in a woman's nature to be a dirty filthy **** loving *****. The only women who are truly faithful to one man are NUNS. The rest of you chicks are just a bunch of cum dumpsters who sell your asses to the lowest/highest bidder depending on what time of mark ass trick you are.

#43, I agree. While I was in college, I had sex with a lot of liberal *****. Now that I've graduated and gone into the real world, I've settled down with a beautiful conservative woman who I can love and trust. Liberals are good for easy sex and partying, but that's about it.

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why are there so many people who think there is something wrong with casual sex ?? over 9000 of them so far, if the 'YDI' count is anything to go by. Probably people who couldn't get sex if they tried.

There's nothing wrong with casual sex, but don't complain about it if you hook up with a guy the first night you meet him and then are upset that he's actually an asshole who cheated on his girlfriend with you. That's why she deserved it, not because of the casual sex, but because of her exaggerated expectations from it.

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Has nobody considered it was from an ex gf? Granted he did call her his gf, which can be confused as present, but what I understood was, the iPod was a gift from his gf-at-the-time, MEANING: the guy could of been legitametly single when he slept with the OP.

Sex is always both parties fault. They both acted irresponsibly. Him for cheating and her for being that easy. Want a man to respect you, don't spread them after a few drinks in a bar.

Condoms are only 97% effective in preventing pregnancies or STDs.

Why on Earth would anyone give a crap about whether or not some cheating random from a bar "respects" her? There's nothing worthy of respect about attaching moronic pseudo-morality to the desire for casual sex.

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it's just bad luck for her that the seemingly-great guy she met at a place where you go to meet people (sex or not), turned out to not be so great after all. Same as if you think you win the lottery and then the shop tells you you read your ticket wrong. It's just shit happening.. not YDI for gambling..

im sorry but how do we know he was still with his girlfriend maybe they split up after the anniversary. i know id keep the ipod afterwards.

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I agree with #11, but keep in mind just because his girlfriend gave it to him as a anniversary present doesn't mean that they are still dating, my girlfriend gave me an ipod i still use for christmas but we're not still together so for all you know he could be single

"just sex"? That's what's wrong with society today. Smh.

I wonder if guys sometimes just say shit like that to get rid of their one night stands.

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It wouldn't really have mattered, all he has to say is "no I don't have a girlfriend" before he sleeps with her. That sucks OP, I'd tell his girlfriend, if you can somehow find out who it is. Although it's kind of your fault anyway. When you're a **** and sleep with random guys at clubs you should be prepared for this kind of stuff. (the guy is a **** too, for all you feminazi's)

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The thing in brackets makes you my role model.

Although yeah, one night screwing isn't exactly my kinda thing, I don't blame others for doin' it... it's fun. It's life. Anyways, what I wanted to say was: "Yeah, tell his GF", the OP said they went back to his place, so she knows where he lives, and where she ends up at least SOME of the time.. run into her and be like "Hey, I slept with your boyfriend, oops.".. maybe a little smoother than that, but you get the idea. :D

OP, don't tell his girlfriend. It's not a good idea to get involved in that mess, unless you know her. If she's a friend, be like, "Dude. Your BF is a total ****, dump him now. Oh, and btw, I know because we had a one night stand. kthxbie." But yeah...YDI for sleeping with a guy you just met. At least he was honest about the whole thing, but you should've tried to find out first. I hope you used a condom.

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But whether you've known someone for several hours or several months, an STD is still an STD, and an unwanted pregnancy is still an unwanted pregnancy. Accidents can happen, although admittedly it's probably more likely to make a mistake in a drunken fumble with a stranger. But lots of guys and girls in new relationships probably lie about their sexual history, or say they've been tested for STDs when they haven't. It's unfortunate when these accidents do happen, but if they took all the precautions they could, then nobody deserves it more simply for having casual sex.

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Exactly! Actually, you are not an accidental ****, you're a **** plain and simple for not having the decency to atleast know the guy for a couple of days before getting involved. This really shows how low and cheap some women get for a "hot guy". I'm suprised no one taught you not to have one-night stands. To sum this all up, YDI big time. The guy knows what he's doing, you don't. Seriously, just don't write on FML if you're looking for sympathy for something you clearly take blame for.

Obviously Kiwi hasn't ever had a one night stand. What is the difference between knowing someone a couple of hours or a couple of days? Either way, you can't possibly know everything about them. Why not enjoy it while you can :-) use a condom and you're set. And Kiwi, it sounds like you think it's ok for dude to have one-nighters, but girls who do are *****? Wow...seems like actually maybe you've tried to have a one-nighter but got rejected. Just sayin'...

YDI for going home with some random guy you just met in a club. If you'd been seeing him for a while and he never brought up the fact that he had a gf, it would be different.

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it's not "just sex" .. YDI for being a ****. don't have sex with someone you don't know.

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Exactly. YDI for being a ****. Plain and simple. Having sex with someone you just met is slutty behavior, for men or women. To those of you who say it isn't because it is "natural" you are wrong. Animals in the wild don't just go around and **** randomly. They mate to reproduce. Not for fun. So no, it isn't natural.

I guess you're also against any form of contraception then, or infertile couples having sex seeing as that's not to reproduce and must also be unnatural. Yes?

Also, dolphins have sex for fun. Are they unnatural and wrong too, just like gays and infertile couples and people practicing safe sex?

Why is her name "accidentalslut"? I agree, she's just a ****, and she deserved it.

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It's accidentalslut because she does it on a daily basis. This one just happened to be more interesting, I guess, so she posted it.

Agree.. Let me repeat it again.. YFDI for being a ****. And your name shouldn't be "accidentalslut" it should be "fuckmeiamaslut" or something.

"Animals in the wild don't just go around and **** randomly." Actually, that is exactly what animals do O_O Have you ever seen one?

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Wait, so now we're basing morality off of what animals do in the wild? The phrase "nasty, brutish and short" comes to mind... For those of you who think Hobbes is Calvin's tiger, think about this: Many animal species in the wild are adulterous. There are animal species in the wild that use what we would call rape as their primary way of reproducing. Are you prepared to defend people who engage in those behaviors because it's the same as what animals do in the wild? The "appeal to nature" argument is generally considered a fallacy. So stop it.

I maybe would have agreed with the name "accidentalhomewrecker" but I definitely think the **** part was intentional.

Whether is something natural or moral are two pretty different things, and I don't think anyone said anything about saying it was moral because animals did it. And "nasty, brutish and short" would depend entirely on the type of animal. Pretty sure a polar bear lasts longer than most guys for example.

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Mobius: Eh, "morality" was an extrapolation from "sluttiness or lack thereof." You're right, I probably should have just stayed there. But someone somewhere was trying to say that something IS slutty because it IS NOT natural, which is still clearly an application of the appeal to nature fallacy. And I didn't get your "nasty, brutish and short" polar bear joke. Are you talking about life, sex, or penises? Or was it not a joke? Sorry, I'm a bit confused...

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FYI, this link is what "nasty, brutish and short" refers (very loosely) to in my original post. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

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Stop trying to mislead people. Comparing humans to other animals' sexual activities isn't effective. Humans are different in their sexual habits. Though most animals have sex only for reproduction, humans and dolphins (and possibly some other animals) have sex for pleasure, and there is nothing wrong with that. It is natural for humans to have sex for pleasure, and it's natural for other animals to have sex just for reproduction.

Umm this is why you don't have sex with someone you just met. It's nasty and the reason you got played. You didn't think he was going to be a love interest after you gave it up the first night. SMH. Sad, you're just sad. Most likely he's with his gf because she doesn't do that. Ugh! He's messed up too of course for cheating on his gf and playing you, but next time have some restraint and some respect for yourself.

What, you really thought you were going into a relationship? It's called sex, that's all you mean to him.

When did the OP actually imply she was going to get into a relationship with the guy? Idiot...

I can't say YDI it enough for this you stupid ****.

1. He would've said ex-girlfriend, not girlfriend. 2. Even if he did mean ex-girlfriend and said girlfriend by mistake, I'm assuming he would've clarified when the OP questioned him. Then it wouldn't be an FML.

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You shouldn't expect more out of someone you had meaningless sex with. Did you expect a marriage proposal?

Why would you complement him on his ipod touch, if it was like an iPhone signed by a famous person a could see it, but come on