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Today, my boss told me to cut my long hair. After coming back to work with a clean cut hairstyle, he apparently thought I was the new guy, and said I was going to be trained by "The long-haired girly-looking idiot." FML
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The boss will look awfully dumb when your "trainer" doesn't show up to train you. FYL bro

winnerme123 8

Go buy a wig then train yourself.


But now you don't have long hair so it's ok...

OP is angry because the boss made him cut his hair, I don't think it's good that he has hort hair.

OP is angry because his boss called him girly looking and an idiot.

His boss said he was girly looking and looked like an idiot when he had long hair.

Why? OP might have suited long hair. Even if not, he might have felt more comfortable with it and it might have fitted better with his general style, you don't know. Quit being a douche bag.

Maybe it was time for the haircut! Short hair is in!

It doesn't matter what's "in". What matters is what makes him happy.

lemonademixer 7

Who the hell said that was "in?"

citymayer 7

Mullets are "in" in my town. That doesn't mean people should get one!

The boss will look awfully dumb when your "trainer" doesn't show up to train you. FYL bro

Hmm, groom self, find out what people really think of me. You've given me a lot to mull over, OP, I'll consider your wise words.

Damn, just realised I actually could've made a pun out of this phrase. *Mull-et. DAYUM

Lies. Its a real mustache with an extremely long noodle sticking out to the right

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You must be doing SOMETHING right if you are to be the "new guy's" trainer...your boss is just extremely unprofessional.

Yea, OP's pulling his hair out over all this confusion! To get to the root of this mix-up, OP, don't be a-braid to straighten your boss out the good old-fashioned way!

This was meant to be a reply to #4. Awkward...

loserboii 11

Then reply Its nice to be working for an ugly faced douche.

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OP shouldn't tell his boss that unless he wants to get fired.

You should tell him you're the "hairy idiot". That reaction would be priceless... And awakward.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

"You're fired." Somehow, I don't think that would solve the problem.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Whoops - didn't realize what you meant. I thought you were saying to tell the boss that HE (the boss) is the hairy idiot. My apologies.