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Today, while I was at work, my wife discovered you cannot put out a grease fire with water. I came home to a frantic spouse, a fire department bill, and a newly destroyed kitchen. FML
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When do you learn that? In grade school? My best friend taught me to shake salt on the grease because salt can't burn so that is how I deal with it or of course a lid or another non flammable cover.

fire department bill WTF? isn't that what taxes are for


Well that was silly of her.

fire department bill WTF? isn't that what taxes are for

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The fire department billed them for responding. It is simply because the fire department had to respond (lights and siren) to the home and that endangers the general public. It is usually no more than a couple hundred dollars... just enough to deter people from making false calls.

Sounds like you need to make a list of stupid shit your wife doesn't know so you can make reminders for her.

Is she a blonde?

No, she's a woman.

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Wyoming? You guys don't even have sales tax, and you have to pay for the Fire Department to come?

Very silly of her! I was taught by my family when I was 5, and by my school some time in early elementary school. Every now and then, it would come up in future science classes, too. How can one get to an age that can legally marry and not learn this?

Oxbaker: Wouldn't it be BECAUSE they don't pay sales tax that they have to pay a fire department bill? Your reasoning astounds me. Silvermoon: Well yes, I know that too, but I don't know if I would remember it immediately if something was on fire. Maybe i'd try splashing water on it once, and then remember "oh right!". I hope this woman didn't try hosing it down...

she's a dumb cunt, stay out of the kitchen you fuck tard wife. can't even handle the kitchen you belong in.

they did a mythbusters episode on that :P

atleast she was in the kitchen :/

When do you learn that? In grade school? My best friend taught me to shake salt on the grease because salt can't burn so that is how I deal with it or of course a lid or another non flammable cover.

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Well all of this is good to know, and I'm sure they googled the shit out of the phrase "How to put out grease fires", but nothings going to make that fine go away. @OP: I don't know whether to laugh at, or kick the crap out of your ex. Man this is so confusing.

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who said she was his ex?

@53, a fire extinguishers will make it go away. It terrifies me that even with Google you couldn't figure that out.

Why didn't she just use a fire extinguis-- wait, nevermind, she probably couldn't figure out how to operate it. I don't think the instructions are big or colourful enough.

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throw flour on it

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Flour is combustible.

actually using flour is a common and effective method.

If you do that you could wind up with a dust explosion. This sometimes happens in wood mills and flour plants where three are enough particles in the air to make them catch on fire and it makes a huge fireball. I'd strongly advice against using flour. Just use a wet towel and call the fire dept.

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Flour explodes. You're supposed to put baking soda on it, or put a lid on the pot and it will put itself out.

Lesson: Don't leave wife at home alone...

lol, maybe its not a good idea to make her stay in the kitchen all the time

How the hell did she start a grease fire in the process of making a sammich?

But a grilled cheese does not require grease! off-topic: grilled cheese and thick tomato soup is absolute sexaliciousness.

Could it have been a BLT? Bacon... Duh.

butter is the grease what kind of f'n cheese are you eat'n

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There is enough grease in the butter you use for grilled cheese to start a grease fire capable of destroying a kitchen? Thats a fucking greasy grilled cheese.

I discovered that you can't put out a grease fire with baking's supposed to be baking soda. Turns out baking powder makes the flames bigger. :)

Bullshit. You're supposed to serenade the fire with a ukulele song and make love to it on the beach, regardless of where sand will work its way into. Every sane person knows that. :D

I'm a fire. Put me out, please.

O: Are you hitting on my Twinny?!

Shit, I was using a guitar, not a ukulele! Stupid -_-

This story is very untrue the fire department does not charge you for putting out a fire in your house.

actually they charge you if you caused it....

A fire department bill?? Isn't 'saving your life' included in the tax you pay??

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I thought you Americans liked that whole "bill you if you use it" thing. I mean, you run your healthcare like that. Why not other things? When your house catches fire, the fire department hand you a bill after you call them out. When someone steals your car, the police bill you for their expenses in tracking down the crook. That's what Americans want, right?

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they would charge the thief for that twat. And yes, i do want my government that way,

That's how stuff tends to work in America, but only certain groups of people want it that way. I think it would make far more sense to only bill if it's a prank call and just raise taxes a bit to compensate.

YDI for marrying a retard.