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sounds like a hot mess

yea and if you ever say that to a girl you won't get any sex cooking or cleaning ^


sounds like a hot mess

Looks like the OP *puts on glasses* Couldnt handle the heat and therefore should get out of the kitchen YEAAHHHHHHHHHHHH

This is hard to believe that someones first reaction would be to take the frying pan, square up to you, look at you, have a cup of tea together, and then aim it right at your neck. yay.

did i say neck? head... whatever it's late and apparently there's anti flood protection for comments

5 nice one lol

@5 I guess you could say... *puts on sunglasses* Random CSI reference. YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!


that's hot...

o yes OP u got laid by a pan

2 = Attention whore.

2 = nice tits

you have a beautiful... face

2= just like everyone else

serves you right for trying to get into some kitchen sex. keep your sausage in your pants before she cooks it fool.

atleast she's in the kitchen

Right where she belongs

I Told that Bitch To Make Me A Sandwich

dumbshit -___-

haha she was in the kitchen doin her job shoulda left her alone

hey girls jobs are not just in the kitchen yer we cook but that is not what we are here for,,

liar it's all your needed for sex cooking and cleaning ;)

yea and if you ever say that to a girl you won't get any sex cooking or cleaning ^'s definitely where you women folk belong.

38 and 51 if you keep saying that then you will be alone with a messy house, empty belly and a virgin

damn. i was just about to make that joke(:

sexist bastards like u die alone

you guys are douches

doctor doom shall die alone due to his igborant comment

as if 1 comment will decide his fate. He might be a sexist right now but the way you judgemental folks feel that u know exactly how he'll turn up later on is way lamer. leave him be, he chose to think that way.

I'm going to automatically mark ydi on any fml that uses the word "apparently".

haha, I will as well. good plan. "Today I bla bla bla, apparently I bla bla. FML"

this is fake. whose initial reaction is to lift a hot pan and turn exactly the right amount to hit someone's head

i'm guessing it's not hard to hit someone with a frying pan.

...riiiight..likely story. stop walking on your toes and actually make a sound and that wouldn't happen

Thats what happens when you disturb a woman in the kitchen :P

Give her a Cleveland steamer as payback!

What is that?

I'd say that you kind of deserved it, because you startled her, but then again why would her reaction be to hit you with a hot pan? She should've looked to see who it was before doing anything.

I thought the same thing, maybe she has been in a bad situation like that before and knew how to handle it.