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By thecasbah - 06/10/2010 13:58 - Norway

Today, I quit my job as a barista for one of our competitors with a couple of bucks more an hour. Two hours after I'd handed in my resignation, my boss approached me just to let me know that if I hadn't resigned, I would've been offered my own café. FML
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He was probably lying about the cafe just because you quit you know...

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Sounds like bluff to me... if you were really getting your own cafe, they would have used that as a bargaining point in keeping you on.


you are job hopping.. I call it bad timing

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obvious childish lie is obvious

agree wit 16 people always say "well I wouldve * if you had/nt *" it's complete bs just tryin to make you regret it, moving up in the business world isn't a bad thing

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i think ur boss lied to you to make you feel bad for leaving

inglouriousbitch 0

He was probably lying about the cafe just because you quit you know...

True it's like a little kid saying "Fine leave! I was gonna let you use my toys but not anymore!" Btw nice screen name. I wonder if there's an inglorious basterd somewhere on FML.

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If there isn't now there will be soon!

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Also, if he really wanted to offer you your own cafe, wouldn't he definitely do it when he discovered you were unhappy? There's no difference between this and when your company offers you more money to stay. Except this guy is lying.

Exactly what I wanted to say. You have no proof about his so-called plans for your own café, and the chances that your boss is a sadist are way higher than you getting your own café. Still, it may be true, but then, still nobody can conclude from that to be loyal to your badly-paying employer to the grave just because you might get lucky one day. That's what they all count on, and that's the way the economy works: Empty promises (innuendos really) and low salary. You did the right thing, just follow your heart. If you had gotten your own café, you'd have had badly-paid employees under you, so the overall atmosphere would have been the same. My advice: Try to open your own, independent café with some unique, attractive aspect. I generally prefer those to the chains.

agreed. he was lying just to hurt you back for hurting him by quitting.

wow, this reply is too long i lose interest reading it. anyway, @op: yes, he's bullshiting you to make you feel bad.

Again, oc, you've beat me to the punch. Job offers or headhunting approaches should be considered as leverage first, new opportunity second.

Well, if the pay was only marginally better at another job rather than significantly, he/she would not have quit, so I guessed. Also, I assumed the boss to be an arse because in my experience this is usually more often true than not (must be a career hunger thing), also, if he were the opposite of an arse, he'd still have offered the own café anyway. It would have been the better offer and a massive proof of trust, and as a boss I would have done so with a good employee.

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Probably should have talked to your boss about it first.

Bosses are aholes and he was trying to make you feel bad.

Actually my boss is one of the nicest people I know.

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Usually the guy at the top sucks the most dick and ***** the most people over.

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not when you got a family to feed...i'd leave my job in a heartbeat for 2 more an hour

rallets 22

jobs arent about the money? L. M. F. A. O.

Like... 1. Understanding boss.. Mine is wonderful. I'd take a pay cut to stay on his team. 2. Benefits like PTO, medical, etc 3. Schedule/flexibility 4. Distance to home and other commute concerns 5. Potential for advancement 6. Training.. Mine is paying for my masters degree 7. Coworkers. Working with people you hate sucks. To name a few things beyond the paycheck that I consider vital aspects of a job.

rallets 22

sounds like youd take something else...if you know what im sayin' catch my drift ;)

Thank you captain obvious, for telling us that. But given the fact that he wrote that he quit his job because of the wage, then your comment is just retarded. Also the list of shitty reasons why you chose to give head to your boss is also stupid. Who says that the next boss won't be the same or even worse with information that is given to you?

I have a nagging suspicion your unemployed

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He's lying to you I bet. He probably doesn't want you to leave.

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Idk why so many people would say ydi. It's 1 thing if you knew you were in the running, but it appears you didn't even know...

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Sounds like bluff to me... if you were really getting your own cafe, they would have used that as a bargaining point in keeping you on.

underyourbreath 8

I don't know who voted this down, that's exactly what most companies do. It's more cost effective to try and keep a really good employee than to train new ones after they've left. The fact that they didn't even try to persuade OP to stay implies that they were just trying to rub his/her nose in it and try to impose guilt.

yeah that is soo true! it was totally something to make her feel guilty

sourgirl101 28

I love that "The Clash" song. Sharia don't like it Rockin' the Casbah Rock the Casbah.(: OP if it was about the money why didn't you talk about a raise with your current job? Oh well, sometimes starting fresh is a good thing.

I had a girlfriend who thought it was "Rock the Cat Box."