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Today, I went jet skiing with my girlfriend of four years. I intended to propose to her. The $2000 ring fell out of my pocket and into the lake. I have no idea where it is. FML
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It's probably in the lake.

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Looks like it's time to take her scuba diving next.


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By what? Nature?

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no. just. owned.

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Well then, you've made your point.

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hahaha. at first I was gonna say your life sucks but I realized why would you take a $2000 ring into a lake? YDI OP.

you totally had it coming to ya. ydi

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only one thing to say to you... POCKETS WITH ZIPPERS! dude people invent things for a reason, the zipper is just another one of the amazing things on planet earth that could have saved you $2000. haha still funny :p

why do so many ppl YDI thats messed up

Because the OP felt the need take a $2000 dollar ring with while him and his girlfriend jet skied, in a pants pocket that apparently was not zipped shut. It sucks that the OP lost thing ring but honestly he deserved it if it didn't once cross his mind that taking the ring along to jet ski was a bad idea.

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I can sum it up for you all in two syllables. Dumb. Ass.

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it's probably in the lake.

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For once, Sergeant Sarcasm is glad the Captain Obvious was paged.

@125, really??? because I was guessing it would be in space floating around....or in Alaska

good job idiot

"and I dropped it In the lake" "I have no idea where it is" fail

Anaxes 5

God, all these people saying it's in the lake are stupid, don't you know Smeagle found it? He kept it because it was his birthday.

what lake lol

148- You mean Smeagol?

Anaxes 5

Yes, I do mean Smeagol.

haha YDI!!! Or maybe it is fate, OP

Actually, Sméagol.

dude, that would suck!

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hey kryvsh you look alot like the actor from sky high are you him by chance? if so your awesome if not **** you lol

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Smeagol. ^ Or some lucky treasure hunter about 2500 years from now...

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sorry but I lmao when I read this. get some money to buy a new ring (this might not be that simple) but u should try. but seriously ydi

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no fyl

And that never occured to you? I mean, it sucks and all, but surely it should have crossed your mind to make sure it was very secure wherever it was..? Also, did you really have to spend that much on a ring? I mean, it's really nice that you did and all, but it seems a little excessive...

That is pretty much the cheapest amount you will be able to spend on a nice ring these days

I think we might have differing views of 'nice'. I've seen perfectly nice rings for much, much less than that.

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someone is jealous

birdmansangel 0

someone is jealous

Birdmansangel, I don't get who your comment is aimed at or why.

You're an idiot. $2,000 is pretty cheap for a ring...

Maybe I'm just weird then, but I've seen rings that are really nice for under £100. But maybe I just like simplicity and don't understand the need for overly fancy or expensive jewelry.

or you're just stupid.

65- Shut up. Just because someone has a different view than you does not, by any means, make them stupid. It just makes you an asshole.

Yes, lolz_ydi, because everyone who differs in opinion with you is stupid. /sarcasm. What Steph said really, people differ in opinions all the time, it doesn't make them stupid.

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I believe Cinn is right...Nice is how you feel about a ring. $2000 does seem like a lot in my mind but but it is what makes you happy. I was happy with my ring even after I was told it was around 900. still I'm sorry but what did you expect with what you where doing.

isn't the rule on engagement rings 3 months pay?

Rahka 0

I've heard that too but what does it matter if the person who gives it to you is important.

I've heard the 3 months thing, but personally it wouldn't matter to me. Obviously everyone's preference is different, and some people would like a really expensive ring or whatever, but personally I don't see why expensive means it's better or prettier.

I've seen beautiful beautiful rings for like 400

The ring can be pretty at a cheaper price but $2000 is about average for a engagement ring. You're not going to have quality diamonds for any less. Mine was way more than that but my husband had it custom made. Everybody has different tastes though, it's not the price tag that matters in the end anyway.

Seriously, it's the thoughts that counts. Not the amount of money that matters. If the girl truly loves you, she'll accept it though it's only a $50 dollar ring.

103 has hit the nail on the head. i mean, are you really going to say no to a guy just because he didn't spend a huge amount on a ring?

you really think 2grand is expensive for an engagement ring? I plan on dropping ten at least when propose.

102 - But, not everyone wants a diamond ring. 117 - Glad to hear you've got the money and you're able to spoil your girl.

It could be bought from target for all I care. If he asks me to marry him I'm not going to say no because there diamonds don't sparkle like stars, or the metal isn't of high value. If you want to spend a ton, than that's your deal. I think it's unneccasary- if he loves you and wants to marry you than who says you need a ring anyway?

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You are clearly clueless. I work at a jewelry store and find your response ignorant. OP deserved to lose a RING because he took it in a LAKE. Come on dude...really?

lmao maybe a guy would spenf much on a ring for you....but i wouldnt blame them! *woof*

maybe him and this girl had previously looked at rings and the one she fell in love with was 2000. lots of people spend more than that on engagement rings. sure, there's also nice ones that cost much less, but we don't know ops life style or what kind of things his gf/fiancé likes.

ohJeeznotme, if that was aimed at me, I meant he deserved it if he hadn't considered this as a possibility and therefore hadn't put it in a pocket with some form of fastening. Wouldn't that be common sense? Obviously it's possible that the fastening could've come undone, which would be unfortunate. I see that clearly the amount you should spend on a ring seems to vary person to person. But I was just stating my opinion. Apologies for those I offended by doing so.

I'm aware that 2,000$ is considered 'cheap' for a ring by most people, but I agree with Cinn; I really don't think something very expensive is needed, but it really depends on the person you ask.

that's a pretty good price for a ring I mean I do believe that id the girl loves you it wouldn't matter but you should still put some thought in it

5t3ff1k4h Amen!

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I admire you.

Umm fyi 2,000 is not a lot for a ring unless the person is not making alot annually

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maybe that's fate saying NO lol

fate does not exist...p.s. nice cleavage ;p

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....only one word describes you for this... Idiot

He's an idiot because of an unfortunate accident?

He's an idiot for bringing a $2000 ring out jet skiing without properly securing it.

That still doesn't make him an idiot. Careless, but not an idiot. I'm sure he had enough common sense to actually place the ring in a spot he /thought/ was secure, and yes I do see that it says pocket. Many pockets on clothing for the water have zippers.

I hope that you're aware that if the ring was safely zipped in OP's pocket, this probably wouldn't have happened.

Probably, but if it was and it happened anyway, he would still not be an idiot. You can assume that he was an idiot but you can also assume from other details that he is not. If you look in depth into the FML however, you can assume the opposite. Things like that he was in a successful 4 year relationship, that he can afford to either own or rent a jet ski, the leisure time to use it, and a $2000 ring. He also planned and intended to make a romantic proposal to his fiancé. You're free to assume w/e you want, but from the way I look at it, one cannot safely, obviously assume that OP is simply an idiot. As for all of us, you know what assuming does right...

awh, that would be a cute story to tell at the wedding! :] hope it all works out for ya, OP

what do you mean you don't know where it is? it's in the lake. you don't have to be a genius

YDI for trying to propose in such a cornball way, for using a jetski (those things are obnoxiously loud! beaches are supposed to be QUIET!), for being on a lake for any reason ever, for wearing clothing with pockets, for wearing any clothing at all, for having the ring already instead of picking it out together (what if she doesn't like it? what if it doesn't fit?), and for not having SCUBA gear to be prepared for such an event.

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Looks like it's time to take her scuba diving next.