By goldenshower - 05/02/2010 18:22 - United States

Today, I woke up at a guy's house drunk and soaked in my own pee. I had passed out with all my clothes on. Since I was late for work and didn't have a change of clothes, all I could do was throw my jeans in the dryer. I had to sit all day at work in crusty pee pants. FML
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I would have missed work. can't believe you did that. gross

Hot dry pee smells even stronger than wet pee. YDI


LOL. I'm sorry, but that's funny. And YDI.

Skullcrusher 5

 Haha! Must've sucked to be you.

mekarski1008 0

First off, why didn't you throw your clothes in a washer??? Second, miss work

First, she didn't put them in the washer because then they would be soaked, and a lot more people would probably notice soaked jeans more than odorous jeans, depending on the job. Second, some people might not be able to skip work or else they'd be fired, again depending on the job. I thought she made good decisions, except for the whole blacking out the night before she had to work part.

ihavenoname123 0

I call fake. no one gets drunk on weekdays when they know they have work tomorrow.

stewpididiot 11

are you sure it was YOUR pee ????

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That is so disgusting it shouldn't even be on FML

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Wash them out in the sink dumbass and then dry them. If your already late for work then what is a few more minutes?

you could have called out sick. you were probably hung over out of your mind if you peed yourself anyway

purplepandaz 0

or could've said 'this is sooo fake' you have time to fully dry your jeans, yet not enough to change FAIL! /: l

I would have missed work. can't believe you did that. gross

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I woulda went to work in his clothes or naked;p

Hot dry pee smells even stronger than wet pee. YDI

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you would know this because??

This is an instance where "YDI for being a *****" can come into play. Amirite?

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Not necessarily...she passed out with her clothes on. We don't know if they had sex or not - I at first thought no but maybe she put them back on after sex? So maybe, maybe not. Still, OP, were late for work as is, you might as well have gone home, changed, and been 15-30 minutes later. Probably wouldn't have made that much of a difference...

no I don't think this is the ***** thing. I believe the poster was passed out at a merciful person's house who took care of her while she was drunk enough to be wetting herself. People who get that drunk that they pee themselves probably wouldn't be capable of redressing themself after sex

you could have borrowed a pair of pants from the guy. i'd rather wear man pants than pee pants lol

EllyH 0

What?! why why why would anyone do this?!

YDI for getting that drunk when you knew you had to work in the morning.