By Anonymous
Today, I proposed to my girlfriend. When she saw the ring, she got so excited that she ran to kiss me and it flew out of my hand, over the balcony of our suite, and fell roughly 45 stories straight down. I could feel my wallet screaming as a £4000 diamond vanished into the night. FML
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By  A Frenchy in Eire  |  31

That sucks but I'll never get why people spend thousands on a piece of metal and stone. My now husband proposed without a ring, we went to get one together and I picked one that was worth 25 eur (about 30 USD) because it looked pretty and the monetary value was of no importance to me.
Our wedding rings cost about 100 eur together.
I'd rather splash out (and we did) on a fantastic honeymoon.

By  Dodge4x4Ram  |  46

i'm going to use this, I'll purposely have the ring fall out of my hands & tell her it was expensive but tell her it's okay money doesn't matter. No, it's probably lost forever. Just how Diamonds last forever.

By  RichardPencil  |  30

Why is your wallet screaming? It’s her loss.

The ritual of the engagement ring means giving the woman something of value (to support her for a while in case you leave or die.) It’s her property that has gone missing.