By failure - 29/07/2011 06:19 - United States

Today, I went to a jeweler's to buy a ring to propose to my girlfriend. When I was at the restaurant, in mid-proposal, with people watching, I realized I had left the ring in the store. FML
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saIty 17

Quickly buy a ring pop to give her temporarily.


this would make a funny Twix commercial! :D

krazy_glu3 0

jump up and say 'GOTCHA!'. play it off and try again later haha

enonymous 8

( gets on one knee ) Baby I've been waiting a long time to ask you this. Will you... pass the egg rolls.

Op- I got something to ask you? Girlfriend- what is it Op-(gets on his knees) will you marry me! Girlfriend- there is no ring inside the box...? Op- ( plays along) there is, you just got to believe it Girlfriend- oh... ok then YES!

if it's a restaurant, get her an onion ring(:


thats going to be kinds hard

today my boyfriend proposed to me. he forgot the ring so he tried to grab an onion ring. FML

you need to do a self checklist before something as big as a proposal. try this, ring...check, girlfriend...check. now youre done. YDI

Crea8urWorld 5
firefail1031 0

need a moment?.... grab a twix

Jammy01jams 2

April Foo- aww **** its July. My face goddamnit!

lolololer 8

like a good neighbor state farm is there!.... with the ring :)

annoying little raywilliamjohnson fanboy. get out his arse already

haha it will b a great story to tell the kids!

TheChampagneBoi 5
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reallytho3 11

or she kicks him in the nuts...

saIty 17

Quickly buy a ring pop to give her temporarily.

his mind was most likely racing from nervousness and excitement.

that sucks ass. I'm sure your girlfriend will understand. just do something extra nice for her.

MrFlintstone 5

hey a story to tell the grandkids

tell her that you couldn't decide what to pick, so she can get whatever she wants. then secretly return the real ring at the store.

MerrikBarbarian 9

most stores have a no return policy on engagement and wedding rings, just as an FYI.

I had mine on sale-or-return when I proposed. Thankfully it didn't need returning. The shop gave the impression that it was normal to accept return of engagement rings.

11- Yes! A bagel. Propose with a bagel!

Speaking of "dry" runs... he's probably going to have those for a while now.

No no no you guys have it all wrong, he should use a krispy kreme