By sothatsano - 16/12/2015 08:56 - United States - Spokane

Today, I was going to propose to my girlfriend. At the right moment, I got down on one knee. As I was reaching into my pocket to get the ring, she got so freaked out she kicked me in the face. I chipped a tooth and the ring flew off, and now I can't find it. FML
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Did you scream, "MY PRECIOUSSSSSS!!"?

Freaked out good, or freaked out bad?


Wow I'm so sorry that happened!!

Wow I feel bad for you but your girlfriend sucks if she did that to you.

torn616 7

she might suck but after that she'd better swallow too

Bruh, really?

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Damn, sorry dude.

Did you scream, "MY PRECIOUSSSSSS!!"?

Well, I think we all know who has the ring now, that's why OP can't find it.

Nasty hobbitses!

"Through sicknesses and health," came a little sooner than expected eh?

Freaked out good, or freaked out bad?

Since their name is "sothatsano", I guess they freaked out in a bad way.

Since it involves a kick to the face, chipped tooth, and a missing piece of jewelry worth at least a few hundred smackers, Imma go with "bad way".

She coulda just been so excited (freaked out good) that she kicked him by accident.

"Accident" I don't know about anyone else here but I wouldn't want to be with someone who freaks out when something good happens to them.

I really hope that one day you are lucky enough to be so excited about something that you have. Mini freak out. It can be a really wonderful experience. I really hope she said yes after all that. And if she did just imagine the story you'll have to tell your grandchildren. But I'm sorry that happened, OP!

Wait, are you suggesting she needs to say yes as an apology

tantanpanda 26

Uh, from the username, it was a no. I hate to be that person, but I really hope OP dumped her after that. Even if she wasn't ready, to kick someone in the face and cause them to lose the ring is not ok.

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That sucks op hopefully you find it

Well, that's one way to kick start things. In any case, I've always found it weird how some people react so violently to clearly non-threatening surprising situations. Judging by the amount of similar FMLs though, it must be more common than I thought. Anyways, good luck with your tooth OP, and best wishes for the engagement!

I wish I'd kicked my ex in the face when he pulled out a ring in public. He knew full well how I felt about marriage. At least I wouldn't been humiliated.

Aky0n 10

I wish shortly after you'd have gone to jail for battery as well.

Maybe you should wish that on the assholes who threw things at me after I turned him down? Trust me, it would have been worthwhile to avoid the public scorn, and nothing was going to stop the useless shitbag from proposing.