By good_job_john - United States
Today, I was going to propose to my girlfriend on my boat at the lake. As we were looking at the mountains all around us, she playfully pushed me off the side into the water. As I got back on the boat, I realized that not only was my cellphone dead, but the ring had fallen into the deep water. FML
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  bmach  |  0

Not when it's a fucking engagement ring. You're not going to tell people you're engaged and say "Here's my ring" and point to nothing on your finger. The thought can't count there. The whole point of it all when buying an engagement ring is to have a physical representation.

  Ligerie  |  0

what ever it is the thought that counts many people don't have wedding rings. Its about the love not the piece of metal on your finger.
they can get another.

  shinobisama  |  0


LOL!!! "Playfully push her off a cliff."

You could also "playfully trip her down a huge flight of stairs", hahaha...

but seriously, good luck to you--this's the first FML I've gaped at in a while.

  Wombats111  |  0

59, I dont think that solves the problem. If he did that then he wouldnt have a ring or a girlfriend which is one step farther than just not having a ring.

One more thing, if she pushed you off after you proposed then it is probably a no.

  ydi_ruuc  |  0

Not only did he lose a symbol of their engagement, but lost a couple hundred dollars.Think about it.I don't think he or his girlfriend care about a thought.

  snarkytruth  |  37

That's true but if you told her she would either dive after it immediately or find a diver first thing and she would never give up on it that's for sure. Just have to figure out a way to mark the spot.
But you're right a lot of people don't have rings they don't have to be expensive either.