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Today, my ex-girlfriend was having lunch with my parents. Believing she was in love with me and feeling the same, I dropped by. My parents told me that she’s their friend and that she has a boyfriend that they approve of, all while telling me I was never good enough for her. FML
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Ouch. That's harsh of your parents to say it, but maybe they have a point?



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yea.. tell ur parents to go **** a goat

doughnutboy99 2

i laughed so hard when i read your comment it sounds like something i would say

Ouch. That's harsh of your parents to say it, but maybe they have a point?

Yeah, I can relate to this one. My ex and I dated for over a year, and I became rather close to his mother. She was literally like a mom to me, and took me in so I had a place to live when my mother decided to kick me out. Ever since we became close, even though he and I broke up, she and I see each other regularly. I don't view her as my ex's mom, I view her as my own. She also approves of my boyfriend and calls her son an asshole. Rightfully so, lol.

MissErikaHart 0

I bet ur mom kicked u out cuz ur a little bitch

Erika, was that really called for? Just because I point out and correct your stupidity doesn't make me a bitch. Your comment does make you a bitch, however. Here's your comment, fully corrected. "I bet your* mom kicked you* out because* you're* a little bitch.*" Oh, and my correcting it still doesn't make it true.

ouchthatsux 0

Erika- at least she's not a ***** with soon-to-be saggy ****, Lol.

ohthebloodygore 16

45, wow. I'm not even going to bother writing a long comment since you're a ''bitch'' and won't understand. You're an idiot. Not only did you insult Steph when she did nothing wrong, you managed to make yourself look like a complete arsehole. On a different side note; excuse my cursing. I hardly do so but Erika you're just too much of a 'bitch' not to curse to.

Wow, Erika. I realize some harsh things have been said on both sides of the ongoing MissErika vs. The Others thing here, but that totally crossed a line. Don't bother bringing up how classy a lady you are in future arguments, because you've pretty much forever branded yourself as the opposite with that comment, if the deed wasn't already done.

LosAngelesSon 8

hah erika is just reminiscing about her past. lets just leave her to grovel over the reason why HER mom kicked her out.(;

MissErikaHart, what the hell did Steph do to deserve that? I used to think people were unnecessarily harsh about you by saying that they hated you, but if you comment like that, then I can understand why they came to that conclusion. If you were joking, you should have given some kind of hint, because the way that came across was just downright nasty.

MissErikaHart 0

I said that cuz she started talking shit to me some time ago and has been doing so intermittently ever since for no reason other than everyone else was. but I've gone too far...? ok. I'm sorry

Just read your damn Profile status Erika, if that isnt utter arrogence I dont know what is. PS; remember me, cinn? your picture still gives me a brain aneurism (;

MissErikaHart 0

Excuse me? Dramatic? Gee, I'm pretty sure you do the same thing when people make comments about you. It's called retaliation. Know what it's also called? Being human. Guess what? What happened all those other times where I happened to be involved was because YOU were busy insulting SOMEONE ELSE. I chose a side, because 99% of the time, you were in the wrong. Know what you were doing? Making rude and snarky comments to such-and-such-an-FMLer. I wasn't the only one to stand up for... Ashley for example. There were at least ten others. Don't give me this crap, "you're singling me out, so I'm picking on you". I can almost guarantee that you aren't doing the same thing to anyone else who stood up for her. The reason I made a few comments towards you? To put you in your place and make you realize that NONE of us are perfect, nor should we be expected to be. Get a life, Erika. 68 - I thought you were speaking to Erika. This is not continue-harassing-Cinn week. Don't bring anything else into this.

MissErikaHart - I can't imagine Steph randomly picking on someone, especially not in a way that merited the response you gave her. Also, she's explained herself. Though you did apologise, though I'm not sure if it was sarcastic or sincere. Todo - I can't say I remember your name, but I do remember someone commenting on my picture giving them a brain aneurysm, but that was so long ago I'd forgotten... :P

jew_lala 11

And you must be American because you can't even spell Canadian right!)

MissGrinch 4

Did your parents say that to you in front of her?

2igutierrez31 2

You're the malefactor here. Ba dum tish.

booooooooooo!!!! (mainly b/c you beat me to it)