Today, I was unable to connect to the Internet. After calling support, I was informed that due to a cut cable, the whole country will have no service from that provider for some time. The. Whole. Country. FML

By How can you f*** up that bad!? - / Thursday 16 February 2017 22:22 / Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
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Pretty easily actually. It's happened in America too. You bury your cords far below the ground and hope nothing bad happens. You aren't going to multiply your costs by 10 by putting steel plates around your internet cords to protect them. It's much more cost affective to wait until they get cut (which happens very very rarely) and repair it overnight.

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OP could be using his cellular data or another internet provider to post this, or as we all know, this may not have happened 'today.' It's not a difficult work around. :/

By  species4872

You're doing well for not being able to connect.


It's not like it's the internet providers fault that their cable got cut. The same thing happened here in America about 5 years ago. Everyone's internet was slowed to a crawl and Netflix was inoperable. That was just from 1 major cable being cut by a backhoe in someone's backyard...

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