By CK95 - 01/01/2015 23:02 - United States

Today, I woke up after a night of New Year's Eve partying. I remember the night going great. What I don't remember is laying naked in the shower while my girlfriend ran water over my body to make me feel better. I also made my own funeral plans because I was convinced I was going to die. FML
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Good girlfriend you got there.

at least you didn't propose


Good girlfriend you got there.

Didn't mean to sound sarcastic when I said that.

Dreamsorrow93 24

Most girls wouldn't do that for their man. He is lucky for sure.

This is whyI don't drink because I dont want to beer drunk person and wake up feeling extremely sick.

If you're careful, you're not sick when you wake up. But did you really have a good throw back if you didn't throw up? No seriously though, be smart about it if you drink, and always have a sober friend to take your phone and keys away... A phone in the hand of a drunk can be devastating to any kind of relationship.

#16, "I don't want to beer drunk person". Are you sure you're not already drinking?

Dreamsorrow93 24

I plan to be cremated. So if I made my plans while drunk id imagine my boyfriend would need to pour lots of water on me as well.

You're lucky you have such a great girlfriend: ) she's a keeper

sohigh10 34

Funny how girlfriends and boyfriends on FML are always keepers, either sincerely or sarcastically:p

Steffi3 40

Sounds like a great start of the new year!

It's never too early to make funeral plans, only to put them into action. ;)

I made my funeral plans.

Some nights are just plain wild. Don't worry, you will be fine and it will pass.

at least you didn't propose

That's not an FML moment, that's you being irresponsibly drunk.

Sounds like one hell of a party.