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So you would rather have his nasty peepee all over your pants then?

what does him being chubby have anything to do with it?


man that's horrible, that's a definate fml.

if you were wearing shorts, why did he pee on you "the whole time"?? why didn't you say or do something about it at the get-go? YDI for letting him whiz on you. Or maybe you're into golden showers?

Well, there's an upside to wearing shorts, you can wipe the piss off. Other than that, FYL

agree 34. if they were jeans you'd have smelly jeans all day D:

but it's freezing and snowy in virginia right now. he shouldn't be wearing shorts anyway...

was he pregnant?

How in the fuck do you piss violently. Now, I can see shitting violently.

you're hot :P

"Today, I went to take a shit in a toilet, a fat kid went in the stall next to me and started shitting violently and it got on me the whole time. FML"

lmfao?? 65. I love you

u totally deserved that one

Atleast you won't have athletes foot

fuck that, you don't get piss on you with pants.

lmao. I was just thinking that!!!

How does one pee violently? Was there blood? Fyl indeed.

Hahaha oh my god. made my day

Damn bro ... Beat that kids ass haha

now that's just nasty. I would have pushed him over so he would pee on himself

haha that made my day!

lol i know I pushed a kid in the bathroom while he was peeing and he got it all over himself

ewwwwww, and then you punched him and told him he needs training on how to go to the bathroom

So you would rather have his nasty peepee all over your pants then?

at least there were no urine marks where the pee went. but if you wore long pants It would be different

it was like ur own personal fountain!!..... of pee. o.O

Ajjas013 6

That's what we call an imported sex trick.

At least you weren't wearing pants, because then you would have to go home and change. You could probably just wash the pee off your legs, right?

what does him being chubby have anything to do with it?

I was thinking the same thing.

I was thinking exactly that as I read it.

Maybe the OP wanted to add details? Or was more repulsed because the kid was chubby? Stereotypes and prejudices are a thing unfortunately...

What I don't get is how the fact that he's chubby affects the story. If he's peeing violently, it's not cause he's fat!

haha sorry for the repetitive comment. the one right above me was posted within the exact same minute as mine.

It could be chode related...

somebody's fat!